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This is a long novel that is divided into several smaller parts. But I'm publishing it as one novel on this site. By Faisal Fransu View table of contents...


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Chapter 15

A Visit To The Capital

Joshua was still standing near Beelzebub, who lay almost dead on the floor. But before he could do anything, about ten dark figures, who were his servants, ran into the room. They looked scary too, since their faces were hidden under their dark cloaks. They carried Beelzebub and ran away.

"Who's here?" Joshua heard someone calling him. "Come out at once!" Therefore, he followed the voice until he could see who it was. It was Mr. Lucifer.

"What happened?" asked Mr. Lucifer as they were leaving the section.

"You should know!" shouted Joshua angrily. "Aren't you a Devilist? Didn't you know that one of your people helped Beelzebub to get into this building?"

"Lord Beelzebub in this building?" Mr. Lucifer looked shocked.

"Don't pretend that you know nothing about this matter!" yelled Joshua. "And why do you call him Lord?"

"Because it's very dangerous to call him by his name without saying 'Lord,'" explained Mr. Lucifer. "But don't worry; I'm not on his side."

"Yes you are!" yelled Joshua. "Aren't you both Devilists?"

"Yes we're both Devilists," replied Mr. Lucifer, as they were passing the scary objects. "But there are two groups of Devilists: one is good and the other one is evil."

Finally, they reached the entrance door, where Brother Noah and Brother Paul were waiting for them.

Brother Paul smiled at Joshua and said, "Didn't I tell you that you'd come back safely?"

"You don't know what happened?" Joshua asked surprisingly.

"Well tell us everything when we get to my office," replied Brother Noah.

After they were all sitting in Brother Noah's office, Joshua told them everything.

"So Beelzebub was in our building?" asked Brother Noah, sounding shocked at the news. "But how did he enter?"

"I don't know, sir," replied Joshua. "But I have an idea. Tell the Devilists that Beelzebub tried to kill me again, but he suddenly fell down to the floor. And see who will be happy and who will be sad. Whoever feels sad, then that person is the one who helped Beelzebub to enter into this building.

Beelzebub told me that someone from the Devilist Community helped him to enter. So someone is responsible for this."

So that night, Brother Noah did exactly as Joshua had told him, and the person who looked sad was the new leader of the Devilist Community, Mr. Molech. Then Brother Noah called Joshua into his office again.

Joshua came into the office. He sat down on a chair and saw Mr. Molech sitting on his left.

Brother Noah was very angry. Then he looked at Mr. Molech and said, "So tell me. How did you let Beelzebub into our building?"

"I don't know anything about this matter!" Mr. Molech shouted at Brother Noah. "This evil Joshua is lying to you! And for your information, Lord Beelzebub is still hiding."

"But Christians don't lie," Brother Noah reminded him.

Joshua could not help being quiet. So he said in an angry voice, "Well if you think I'm evil that means Beelzebub is good. So that proves that you're on his side! Because we can't both be evil. One of us is good and the other is evil."

Mr. Molech did not answer, but he looked worried. Joshua's words frightened him.

"So are you on Beelz…"

"Quiet!" yelled Mr. Molech. "Respect his name!"

"Respect his name?" asked Brother Noah, realizing the truth was there. "So you are on his side! We don't need any more proofs!"

Brother Noah asked for two cups of coffee: one for himself and the other one for Joshua. But he didn't ask for one for Mr. Molech.

After the coffees had landed on his desk, he asked, "So tell us, how and why did you help Beelzebub to enter our building?"

"This is not your business, Uncleanian!" yelled Mr. Molech furiously. "You should not interfere in our business. The building is not just yours."

This angered Brother Noah a lot. So Mr. Molech was fired just like Mr. Baal.

"You're very wise," Brother Noah smiled at Joshua after Mr. Molech had left the room. "With your words of wisdom you forced him to tell us the truth."

"What did he mean when he called you an 'Uncleanian?'" asked Joshua curiously.

Brother Noah laughed and told him, "Well, in the Devilist's view, anyone who wasn't born here is unclean. That's why they call us 'Uncleanians.' I wasn't born in this country, you know."

"But I was," Joshua reminded him.

"You're also considered an Uncleanian person for few reasons." Brother Noah told him. "Firstly, your ancestors didn't live here. So you're still not really clean, according to their beliefs. Second, the religion of Devilism and the state are one. So all those who don't follow this religion, are considered unclean, because if you forsake either the country or the religion, you're actually forsaking both of them. Another reason why you're considered unclean is because you've lived more than ten years outside this land."

"What do they call those who were born here but don't follow Devilism?" inquired Joshua. "Like John and Emily?"

"They call them Forsakers,'" stated Brother Noah. "Because these people have forsaken Devilism and have followed Christ, they are called by the Devilists 'Forsakers' or 'Traitors.'"

After that, Joshua returned to section 1994. He told his friends all that had happened, which did not surprise them at all.

"Didn't I tell you?" smiled John. "Didn't I tell you that many of the Devilists are followers of Beelzebub?"

"Well both Beelzebub and the Devilists worship the same devil," added Emily. "So there's no difference between Beelzebub, the Satanic Soldiers and the Devilists. They're all children of Satan."

"And they even call him 'Lord,'" added Joshua with laughter.

"Oh I'm sorry for misusing his name then!" laughed Emily sweetly. "And I'm glad the Lord saved you again, dear."

That night, Joshua had a dream that made him think that he could do something to protect the Christian areas from the magicians.

The next morning, and while he was eating breakfast at the restaurant, Brother Noah came to him and said, "You're very smart!" He was talking about Mr. Molech, who had been fired the previous night. "Your plan and wisdom have worked!"

"I have another plan that would protect our areas from the magicians," said Joshua, getting to his feet and remembering his last dream.

"I'm sure that it will work!" said Brother Noah excitedly. "So what is it?"

Joshua moved closer to him and explained, "Well last night, I had a dream of how to protect our areas from the magicians. So near each of our doors, you must put a small table. On this table, you must put the following:

1. Three candles and they have to keep burning constantly. So you must put new ones almost each hour.

2. A writer that has the whole Bible on it.

3. A writer that has the Bible and other Christian writings including prayers and hymns.

4. An S.W.

5. Finally, a cross and in big letters, write the words "Lord Jesus Christ" on it.

You must also write the same thing on the other items, except for the candles."

"That's a great idea!" shouted Brother Noah. "I never thought about this. Good job!" Then he ordered many people to do this work. Joshua explained everything to them. He also helped them.

The next day, which was March the twenty-fourth, Joshua and John were leaving their last class when they met Emily Bob. She was coming toward them. She looked happy.

"Hi Emily!" said Joshua excitedly before she could say anything.

"This is my friend John," he pointed at John when he said this.

"I met him," she replied excitedly. "I met him when they came to take us from Hamilton."

"O ya!" said Joshua. "I was with the Bakers. Now I remember. So do you want to come with us?"

"But am I allowed to come?" she asked thoughtfully.

Joshua laughed and said, "Well the Devilists come all the time. So why can't Catholics come? Of course, Catholics are much better than the Devilists, because they're not dangerous. Second, no one can stop you from coming to our section, because they all respect me."

So she followed them happily. Finally, they reached their main room. Emily Abraham and Sarah weren't present, which let Joshua to sit with Emily Bob.

"So who sleeps in this section?" she asked, looking around the room.

"All four of us and John's older brothers," replied Joshua. "I and John sleep in one room and Emily and Sarah sleep in the other one. In the third room, however, sleep Samson and Isaac, John's older brothers."

"Want anything to drink, sir and Miss?" asked John, pretending to be in charge of the drinks.

"Well I'm tired," replied Joshua, laughing. "So anything cold would be good."

A minute later, a tray containing three glasses came into the room.

"A flying tray?" asked Emily Bob, who thought that she was dreaming.

"Well I felt the same when I first got here," laughed Joshua.

"You brought me wine?" Joshua turned to look at John, who was full of laughter. "Are you trying to kill me or what?"

"Don't worry brother!" said John, still laughing. "This wine doesn't make you drunk. Plus, you're a great leader. So you must drink wine! The only way to defeat Beelzebub is by drinking wine."

"Are you sure that it won't make me drunk?" asked Joshua, taking the glass closer to his mouth.

"Why would I want to hurt you?" replied John, who was also drinking wine. "I would have to hurt myself first, because I'm drinking wine, too. And I started drinking before you."

Then Joshua looked at Emily Bob and said, "Do you see? Even I still have a lot to learn about this country. But John was born in this country. So he knows a lot about it."

Suddenly, the door was opened. Emily Abraham and Sarah had entered the room.

"I'll be back in one second," Joshua told Emily Bob. Then he rushed to his girlfriend and whispered, "Please don't be angry with me for sitting with her." He expected her to be angry, but instead, she smiled and replied, "Don't worry. I'm not angry at all. I have an idea. You can stay with her whenever she's in one of our sections. I don't mind that. You have to be kind to her, because she helped you a lot when you were in Canada."

"You're the best woman I've ever seen!" replied Joshua happily. Then he went to Emily Bob, who was chatting with Sarah. So she wasn't looking at him when he was talking to his girlfriend.

"Want to go for a walk?" Joshua asked Emily Bob after she had finished chatting with Sarah.

"Sure!" she agreed gladly.

"Anybody wants to come with us?" asked Joshua.

They all agreed to go. So they left the room and started walking in the hallway.

Then Emily Bob decided to take them to her section. So they followed her. Her section number was 9111.

"So who sleeps in this section?" asked Sarah, as they entered Emily's section.

"Me and my family," replied Emily. "This is my room."

She took them to the second room in that section. It looked very beautiful and clean. There were many pictures and statues in it.

"What are these?" asked Joshua, pointing at the statues.

"These are statues of Mary, Jesus and other saints." She replied.

"And what do you do with them?" Asked John interestedly.

"We use them in our prayers," she replied. "They also protect us from every evil."

John wanted to ask, "Do you worship them?" But he didn't want to hurt her feelings. Finally, they all understood why other religions or denominations couldn't live with the Evangelicals.

"So anyway…" said Joshua, trying to change the subject. "This room is too big for you."

"Well for now it is," she replied. "But I want to make it ready for my future husband, you know."

"And who's that?" asked John, who thought that she was referring to Joshua.

"Only God knows," she replied.

"Amen," said Joshua.

"And a woman too," laughed John. "Why do we always say amen, but we never say a woman?"

Next, she took them to the third room in her section. Jeff, her brother was there.

As soon as he saw Joshua, Jeff ran to him and shook hands.

"Thank you!" he remarked. "Thank you for bringing us to live in God's country! I wish that people from other churches would be permitted to enter this country! Then Christians from all denominations will live in New Jerusalem."

"The government has given permission to any Christian who wants to come and live in New Jerusalem," replied Joshua. "But they must be churchgoers."

The next day, which was March the twenty-fifth; Brother Noah called Joshua into his office and declared, "I have good news for you! The king wants to see you in his palace."

To Joshua, however, this didn't seem to be good news. He was afraid. Why does the king wants to see him? Was he in trouble?

"Why does the king want to see me?" asked Joshua.

"I don't know," replied Brother Noah. "But he told me that it's for some good reasons. He's proud of you. I told him about your encounter with Beelzebub."

Joshua was feeling better now that he was sure that he's not in trouble. If the king was proud of him, then there was nothing to fear.

"So who can I take with me?" he asked.

"You don't need to take anyone with you," replied Brother Noah, smiling. "The whole building is going. Even the Catholic people. Only the Devilists won't."

Joshua felt very happy that the Devilists would not be going with them. He thought that there would be a party at the palace.

"So where is the king's palace?" asked Joshua.

"In Jerusalem City," replied Brother Noah. "Which is located in the Jerusalem Province. It will take us about an hour to get there in flying buildings. And we'll be leaving tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning."

So Joshua left Brother Noah's office and went to his room, where he met his three friends and told them about the next day.

"So we're going to the capital city?" asked John excitedly.

"Yep!" replied Joshua, who was feeling very happy to go to see the king of New Jerusalem. His name was King Solomon. Joshua had met him when he came to visit the Holy Community on the night of September the seventh.

"I can't wait to get there!" shouted Emily. "I've never been to the capital city before. But the king respects you a lot, Joshua. So ask him to be kind to us too."

"Only if I want," he replied, laughing. "Well he respects everybody, I suppose. He's a true Christian, you know."

Joshua remembered when he said the name of Jesus and Mr. Satan fell to the floor. So he kept thinking about that memory. It was the first miracle that he had ever performed.

The next morning, which was March the twenty-sixth, everyone in the Christian and Catholic sections was very excited to visit the capital city and king's palace. Most of them had never been to Jerusalem City before.

As usual, Joshua and Emily sat together in the flying building. John and Sarah sat with them in the same room. Even Samuel Adam and Emily Bob were in the same room.

Leah came and sat on Joshua's left side. But she didn't say a word.

"Are they in love?" Joshua asked his girlfriend, pointing at Samuel and Emily Bob, who were sitting together.

"I'm not sure," she replied. "Maybe she wants to marry him. Do you remember when she said that she was preparing her room for her future husband?"

"Yes," replied Joshua. "It does make sense."

"Well there's nothing wrong with them getting married, you know," whispered Emily.

"Yes there is," Joshua reminded her. "She's a Catholic and he's an Evangelical, you know."

"You're right," She answered, half agreeing and the other half disagreeing. "But maybe they don't care about religion. They're both Christians, after all. Isn't it better for Samuel to marry a Catholic woman than a Devilist one?"

"Of course it is," said Joshua, trying to speak as soft as he could. "But do Christians marry Devilists?"

"Very few," replied Emily. "But they don't stay long though."

"So all of the Holy Community is in this flying building?" asked Emily Bob, turning to look at Joshua and Emily, who were still talking in low whispers about Samuel and her.

"Nope," replied Joshua. "There are about twenty-five thousand people living in the Holy Community. So we need twenty-five flying buildings."

"Wow!" replied Emily Bob. "That's amazing."

"But how big is the palace to hold all of us?" Joshua asked Emily Abraham.

"Very big, I suppose," she replied. "Don't forget that it's a king's palace. So it has to be very big."

Joshua didn't want to ignore Leah, who was still sitting beside him. So he started talking to her. She remembered when he saved her from the demons while they were in the Devilist area. This memory made her cry. So Joshua hugged her and explained, "It was the Lord who saved you; not I."

He thought that Emily would be angry with him for hugging Leah, but she told him that hugging a girl doesn't make her your girlfriend. So it was okay with her if Joshua would hug other girls.

About an hour later, they reached King's Palace in Jerusalem City. So they started leaving the flying building. They were standing in a very big garage, which was even bigger than the one at the Holy Community. There were other flying buildings there.

Joshua and his three friends followed the teachers into the palace. If they had tried to walk all by themselves, they would probably get lost due to the enormity of the palace. There were many rooms in it. It looked very beautiful.

The King's Palace was the biggest building in New Jerusalem and the whole world. There were other buildings that were the same size as this palace, but there was no building that was bigger than this one. It was one million kilometres in height, one million kilometres in width and one million kilometres in length. So the total area was one thousand quadrillion cubic kilometres. It had about five hundred thousand levels. Just one level was about two thousand times bigger than all of the seven continents put together. Imagine how big the whole building was.

One of these levels was called the 'King's Hall.' This floor contained a huge hall, which was used for important events. It had about a trillion tables: one for every family or a couple.

"Welcome everyone!" came the cheery voice of King Solomon.

As soon as he saw Joshua, he ran to him and said in a jolly tone, "Welcome to Jerusalem City! I just want to have a quick word with you, if you don't mind."

"Sure!" replied Joshua, following the king.

Then they entered a very nice looking room. There were two thrones there. So King Solomon sat on the first one, and he made Joshua sit on the other one beside him. Joshua was very happy to sit on a throne.

"I'm very proud of what the Lord has done for us through you." Said the King. "I've been told that Beelzebub was at the Holy Community, and he tried to kill you, but he fell to the floor again. So tell me all about it."

Joshua told him exactly what had happened when he was practicing fighting against evil spirits in one of the Devilist sections. He also spoke about when he saved Leah from the demons.

"Praise the Lord!" King Solomon shouted after Joshua had finished telling his story. "So we're here today to celebrate the wonderful works of the Lord! Only few people know that Beelzebub was at the Holy Community and that you defeated him. So today, I'll let you speak to all of them and tell them exactly what happened. Don't be nervous or anything. There will be many journalists and reporters who might want to interview you. No one knew anything about it, until Brother Noah told us."

"Don't you have cameras everywhere?" asked Joshua, who was surprised to find out that no one knew anything.

"Yes…" replied the king with a sad voice. "But not in the Devilist sections. They don't want us to know what goes on there."

Then the king took Joshua and left that room. They walked to the King's Hall, which was the biggest hall in New Jerusalem and the world. There were about seven trillion people in it.

As soon as they saw King Solomon and Joshua coming toward the great hall, they all started cheering. Joshua didn't know whether they were happy for him or the king; nevertheless, he bowed to the gigantic crowd.

Then the king spoke: "Ladies and gentlemen, today is a day of celebration for all of God's children. The Lord has sent a saviour to us."

Then he pointed at Joshua and continued, "This man is a gift from the Lord for us. He's going to share his miracle with us all today. Let us welcome into our great Hall, Joshua David!"


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