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This is a long novel that is divided into several smaller parts. But I'm publishing it as one novel on this site. By Faisal Fransu View table of contents...


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Chapter 19


"But how did Brother Benjamin escape?" asked Joshua anxiously.

The angel explained, "About two hours ago, the Lord sent me to free Brother Benjamin. The Lord did a miracle that opened one of the doors of the prison. Then I took him to the Holy Community Building."

At last, they were standing on the ground again. The angel suddenly disappeared.

"Where are we?" asked John nervously.

There was no light where they were standing. But then John touched a wall. There were buttons on it. So he pressed one of them, and some light appeared.

"We're at the door of the Holy Community building!" Shouted John excitedly. Then he pressed the notification button, which notifies the office that someone is standing at the main door of the Holy Community building.

Then they heard someone from inside the building coming toward them. Someone was coming to open the door for them.

"Hallelujah!" shouted Brother Noah as he opened the door for them. "Praise the Lord!"

Then he hugged both of them and led them to his office.

"We thought that you'd be dead for sure!" he said as Joshua and John sat together in his office. "Well I know how tired you are. So I'm going to let you sleep in a special section."

"And why's that?" asked Joshua, breathing hard.

Brother Noah smiled and replied, "Well I don't want anyone to know that you're back. I want to make it a surprise for them. So tomorrow morning, I'll gather everyone at the restaurant and then I'll give a short speech. After I'm done speaking, you'll enter the restaurant. And in case you don't know, Brother Benjamin is here!"

So that night, Joshua and John slept in a special section. They were very tired. So they didn't say anything.

That night, Joshua had a dream that wasn't hard to understand. He saw the Satanic Soldiers at the prison where he and John were. They were saying, "How did they run away?"

Another one answered, "Probably their God did something to save them."

"Don't say that to Lord Beelzebub!" shouted another man. "He'll be very angry with us!"

Suddenly, Beelzebub entered the room. All the men fell on the floor.

"Did you let them run away?" Beelzebub asked in his nasty voice. He knew that Joshua and John had escaped, because the men looked frightened.

Then he took out his knife and started killing those Satanic Soldiers one by one. The reason why he used a knife instead of magic was because he had no magical powers left in him. And Joshua woke up.

"John?" he called in his sleepy voice.

"Another dream?" said John as he opened his eyes. "Are we going there again?"

"Oh don't worry," laughed Joshua. Then he told him the whole dream.

"So they're all dead now?" John asked, shocked.

"Yep," replied Joshua. "But I feel sorry for them, because they didn't have a chance to open their hearts to the Lord and be saved from hell."

That morning, everyone was sad, because according to their thoughts, Joshua and John were dead now. Emily and Sarah kept their heads down. Samuel, however, looked happy, but he kept his head down, too.

While they were all eating breakfast at the restaurant that morning, Brother Noah came into the restaurant with a very big smile on his face. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at him.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen!" he said in the microphone. "Our men are truly the soldiers of Christ. They give up their lives to save us, just like Christ."

He paused for a second and whispered something to Pastor Moses. Then he continued,

"I've got a present for all of you this morning."

Suddenly, Joshua and John entered the room, smiling. The whole restaurant was filled with praises.

Then, Sister Bianca and her delivered husband, Brother Benjamin, ran to them and hugged them. Sister Bianca began to cry.

"Thank you very much. You were ready to die and save him."

Then Brother Benjamin hugged both Joshua and John.

"I don't deserve what you've done for me. I don't know how to thank you. I will never forget your sacrifice. You've never met me, yet you were ready to die and save me."

Brother Benjamin and Sister Bianca went back to their table. Then, Brother Noah gave the microphone to Joshua and told him to tell the whole story. So Joshua tried to describe the prison to the listeners, which proved a difficult task, since the prison was filled with darkness.

After he finished talking, everyone applauded for him.

Brother Noah told the crowd, "Well Mr. Lucifer has not showed up since yesterday morning. So I guess that he has ran away. We won't let him return anyway."

Joshua and John went and sat at one of the tables, where Emily and Sarah were sitting.

As soon as Emily saw Joshua, she hugged him very tightly and said, "You're back, O my love!" She didn't know what to say, because she was overflowing with joy when she saw him.

Then she turned to her brother, John, and hugged him.

Sarah went over to Joshua and gave him a very big hug. She started crying.

At last, they left the restaurant and went to their section. Samson and Isaac were waiting for them. They were Emily's and John's older brothers.

"Welcome back!" shouted Samson as they entered the main room. "Welcome back, Joshua and John!"

The next day, Joshua and his three friends decided to go to visit Sister Bianca. But when they entered the office, they saw Brother Benjamin instead of Sister Bianca.

"Hi, brothers and sisters!" he smiled as he walked to them. "Come in!"

So they all sat together. Brother Benjamin was sitting in front of Joshua. He was very happy to be free.

Sister Bianca came into the office with Samuel. As soon as she saw them, she rushed to Joshua and John.

She said to Joshua, "The love of your parents is still alive. It lives in you. I knew that you were very kind person, but I never expected you to give up your life for my husband."

Joshua smiled at her and replied, "Well the Lord Jesus Christ gave up his life to save us from all our sins. So his love lives within our hearts."

Suddenly, Brother Noah and Pastor Moses entered the room.

"Well…" Brother Noah began. "I would like to have a little meeting with Joshua and his friends. I'm also inviting some of the important people that know Joshua."

"But please don't invite any Devilist," said Joshua.

"Oh don't worry," smiled Brother Moses. "Many of them are not happy anyway. So could you all proceed to my office, please?"

Everyone followed him to his office. The group included: Joshua and his three friends, the Adams and Pastor Moses.

After they were all seated, four men plus a woman and girl entered the office. They were: Mr. Nebu, who was the teacher of Jerusalem Studies, Brother Paul, who taught SFC, Brother James of BBTC class, and finally, Brother Peter of Sermons. These were all Joshua and John's teachers. The woman was Brother Paul's wife, and the girl was Leah.

Brother Paul introduced his wife to Joshua and explained, "This is my wife, Sister Lydia."

Then Sister Lydia went over to Joshua. She hugged and kissed him saying, "You saved my daughter from the demons and now you saved Brother Benjamin from the Satanic Soldiers! You're a true saviour!"

Then Brother Noah looked at Brother Benjamin and asked, "Can you please tell us your testimony?"

Brother Benjamin began:

"On July the twenty-ninth, 2200, I was in one of the rooms of section 5872, when about seven men had entered the place. They shut my mouth and took me out of the section from another door. Then they put me in a flying car and drove away.

Finally, we reached a very dark place. So they put me in a very dark room.

One of them told me, "We are Satanic Soldiers. You cannot leave this prison until someone gives up his life for you."

They didn't give me too much food or drink.

Sometimes, they would give me drugs, and I would act very crazy. So they would make fun of me."

"But did you forget the Lord?" interrupted Pastor Moses.

"Never!" replied Brother Benjamin. "The Lord was my only comfort. He was also my best friend."

Then he finished his story by saying, "And I kept suffering for thirteen years until Joshua and John, the true men of God, came to give up their lives for me."

Finally, everyone left the office, except Brother Noah, Pastor Moses and Joshua.

Then Brother Noah turned to Joshua and said, "So you're going to stay with the Bakers for a week. Then, Brother Abraham has agreed to take you to spend the rest of the summer with them. In fact, he wanted to take you from the first week of the summer, but I want you to go and see your aunt's family."

"But how am I going to get there?" asked Joshua.

"Oh…" replied Brother Noah. "You'll go to Ottawa with the rest of your friends in a flying building. From there, you'll be taken to Hamilton in a flying car."

"But what if they won't let me stay with them?" asked Joshua, trying to challenge Brother Noah.

"If they don't," replied Brother Noah happily, "The driver will take you back to Ottawa to the Abrahams.

I also want to remind you that if they mistreat you, write a letter and send it to the Abrahams."

"Oh…" replied Joshua. "I could send it to the Bobs, because they're much closer than the Abrahams are. I'm sure that they will help."

"Wonderful!" replied Brother Noah. Then he and Joshua left the office.

So Joshua went back to his section and told his friends everything that he talked about with Brother Noah.

Joshua was hoping in his heart that the Bakers wouldn't let him stay with them. He didn't know how they would treat him this time. Will they know all the great things that he did this year? Would they know that he had nearly been killed by Beelzebub?

On June the twenty-fifth, which was the last day of school, there was a very big party at the restaurant.

Joshua and Emily sat together as usual. John and Sarah sat at the same table. Samuel and Emily Bob were also sitting there.

"So we'll be leaving tomorrow?" Joshua asked Emily sadly.

"Yes…" she replied unhappily

The Devilists were not present at the party. They were celebrating in their own sections. Some of them were happy that Joshua and John were still alive, but others were very disappointed. They hoped to see Joshua and John dead.

Although all Devilists worshiped Satan, not all of them hated Christians. In fact, some of them liked living under Christian rule instead of Beelzebub.

At the party that night, there were some people whom Joshua had never met before. They included: Sister Miriam, who was the wife of Brother Noah, Sister Zipporah, the wife of Pastor Moses and Sister Rebecca, who was the wife of Pastor Peter.

So Joshua and his friends went and sat with the new visitors. They had a very interesting conversation.

"Do you live in this building?" Joshua asked all three women.

"Yes," replied Sister Miriam. "But we go to the secular world to preach to women. We preach where women have no freedom." So they told Joshua and his friends all about their job in the secular world.

Then, Brother Noah went to where the microphone was. He was about to give an important announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are celebrating the end of the school year. But what happened to Joshua and John cannot be forgotten. Their sacrifice to save Brother Benjamin cannot be forgotten. Therefore, an important person is with us today. Let us all welcome King Solomon!"

Everyone applauded as King Solomon entered the huge restaurant. His wife, Queen Esther, was with him. His daughter, Princess Dinah, was also present.

Joshua smiled at Emily and asked, "Where is the representative of the Devilists? Isn't he coming to the party?"

"He's probably afraid of you," she laughed.

"I'm not that dangerous," he said, "am I?"

"Well to the Devilists you are." John laughed. He was sitting in front of Joshua. That's why how he heard him.

Brother Noah called Joshua and John to the table where the king was sitting.

"Congratulations!" shouted King Solomon as Joshua and John sat beside him.

He wanted to hear the whole story. Therefore, they told him everything that had happened.

"Wow!" he looked amazed. "Our God is really great!

So he saved you because you were giving up your lives to free Brother Benjamin? See how powerful love is? Evil cannot stand love. That's why you were saved. Our God is love and the devil is evil. So love defeated evil."

There were many reporters and journalists at the party. So they interviewed both Joshua and John. Their story would be on the Jerusalemite news for few days.

"So where's Mr. Satan?" Joshua asked the King after he finished talking to the journalists and the reporters.

"Well I didn't invite him," laughed King Solomon.

"That's better!" laughed Joshua. "He's probably very disappointed, because our God saved us from the power of Satan."

"It is his job to be disappointed," laughed the king. "His name is 'Satan,' after all."

After the party was over, Joshua and his three friends returned to their section. Then he asked John, "You told me that there are Canadians and Americans in this building. So who are Canadians and who are Americans?"

John looked at him and answered, "Well Brother Noah, Pastor Moses, Sarah and my family are all Canadians. Brothers Paul, James, Peter and the Adams are all Americans.

The problem, however, is not between Canadians and Americans, but it's among Christians and Devilists."

"In other words," continued Emily, "The problem is between good and evil and between Christ and the devil."

Joshua smiled at Sarah and asked, "So where are you from Canada?"

"From Alberta," she smiled back.

"What about your family?" asked Joshua? "I mean, are they all Christians?"

She put her head down and replied, "I have no parents. The only relatives that I have left are my aunt's house. But they mistreat me, just like your aunt."

"Why do you go back to them every summer then?" asked Joshua, feeling sorry for her.

"I don't go to them," she replied, crying. "But I stay in a hotel. I feel very lonely."

John was shocked to hear that she would stay in a hotel every summer. So he said, "We'll take you with us!"

"Hallelujah!" shouted Emily. "I have a new brother and a new sister!"

"Not really brother," laughed Joshua, because he knew that she was talking about him. "But I'm your…" He wanted to say "future husband," but he stopped himself quickly.

The next morning, everyone was happy that school was over. Some of them, however, were sad, because they would be returning to the other world.

There were two things that made Joshua unhappy that morning. First, he would be leaving the best country in the world. Second, he would have to spend a whole week with the Bakers. He didn't know whether they would treat him a little better or not.

"Well you'll be coming back in September," said John, as they were preparing their bags. These bags would be traveling in another flying building.

Suddenly, Leah came into the room where he was. She wanted to say something very important, but she didn't say it.

"Hi Joshua," she said nervously. Then she went over to him and hugged him very tightly. She even kissed him.

She said, "Thank you for saving my life." She was referring to when they were practicing how to fight against the demons in one of the Devilist sections.

"But I'll see you next year, dear."

Then he realized that she was in love with him. But he decided not to tell Emily about this.

Then, Sister Bianca came to him. She gave him a very big hug and said, "We're returning to North Carolina now. But I haven't forgotten your sacrifice to save my husband. So take care of yourself." Then she did the same thing to John and left.

Finally, they all got into the flying building. As usual, they all sat in the same room.

Emily Bob said to Joshua, "Well if you need anything, send us your messenger. We'll be very happy to help."

"Can I come and see you every day?" asked Joshua thoughtfully. He said this because he knew how lonely with the Bakers he would be.

"Of course!" she replied, smiling. "But will the Bakers let you, though?"

"I'll try and convince them…" he replied doubtfully.

Finally, the flying building stopped in Ottawa. So they all left.

Brother Noah was there waiting for Joshua. He would be taking him to Hamilton to stay with the Bakers.

So before he could leave, Emily gave him a very big hug and kissed him. She said, "I'll see you in a week." A week, however, was like seven centuries to Joshua.

John, Samson and Isaac all shook hands with Joshua.

Then Joshua got into Brother Noah's flying car. As with all Jerusalemite cars, this car was flying on its own.

Joshua was very sad. He was thinking about all the good things that happened in the Holy Community Building. He would miss New Jerusalem a lot. Even the bad things that had happened to him in New Jerusalem were interesting adventures.

At last, they reached the Bakers house in Hamilton. So Brother Noah knocked on their door.

Mr. Baker opened the door.

"Hello, Mr. Baker," said Brother Noah, holding out his hand to Mr. Baker. But he didn't take it.

Then Brother Noah explained, "Joshua will be staying with you for a week. After that, one of our families will take him."

Then he turned to Joshua and said, "Take care of yourself, okay?"

"Yes, sir," replied Joshua sadly.

And that is the end of the first novel in the 'New Jerusalem' series. It is very sad to see that Joshua has returned to stay with his bad relatives. What do you think will happen next? You will see in the next book!


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