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This is a long novel that is divided into several smaller parts. But I'm publishing it as one novel on this site. By Faisal Fransu View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

The Two Communities Of The Same Building

Joshua had a lot of fun that night. It was his twelfth birthday. The Abrahams made a lot of food that night.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Brother Abraham ran to open it, and there stood three men. They were Brother Noah, who was the leader of the Holy Community Building in New Jerusalem; Pastor Moses, who was the prophet of the Holy Community and Brother Israel, the man that Joshua saw when they were shopping at the New Jerusalem store.

"Welcome!" said Brother Abraham excitedly. "Please join us, because we're celebrating Joshua's birthday!"

"Thank you very much, Brother Abraham," said Brother Noah. "May the peace and the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be with you all!"

"Amen!" shouted the Abrahams plus Joshua. "And with you too, sirs!"

"Yes," said Brother Noah, sitting beside Samson. "We've come to celebrate Joshua's birthday with you tonight."

Joshua started crying, because he had never felt all this love. He had never seen so many people assembled only for his sake. These people included the Abraham family, which was made up of six people, and the three men who had just entered. In total, there were nine people celebrating his birthday with him that night.

Sister Sarah went and put her arms around him to comfort him. For a second, he thought that she was his mother. So he hugged her too, and started crying even more.

"I want to see my mom," he said sadly.

"I know how you feel," replied Sister Sarah, crying too. "But I'm your mother from now on."

Brother Noah was carrying a very big box filled with bottles.

"This is for you, Joshua," he said, putting the box in front of Joshua on the table.

"What's this, sir?" he asked, as he was wiping out his tears. Then he started opening the box.

Brother Noah pointed at the box and said, "These bottles contain a type of juice that when a person drinks it, it kills all germs that are inside that person. It fights every bad thing that is inside you or that makes you sick. This juice also prevents sickness. It is called the 'prevention' juice. Everybody must drink it before they can enter New Jerusalem. That's why people live longer in New Jerusalem, because this juice prevents anything that makes a person sick. Also, if you don't eat or drink anything for a whole day, just drink a bottle of this juice and you shall be fine. So it makes you healthier as well."

"Is this magic or what?" asked Joshua excitedly.

"It's not magic," replied Brother Noah. "But do you remember what Pastor Moses told you while we were coming here? The Lord has blessed us with skilful people. So we've developed some amazing things that no other country has done so far. When you get to New Jerusalem, you'll see countless amazing things that no one in this world could ever dream of. That's why the nickname for our country is 'The New World,' or 'Heaven.'"

After Brother Noah was done explaining things to Joshua, Pastor Moses pulled out his gift and put it on top of Brother Noah's gift in front of Joshua. It looked like a USB.

"A USB?" asked Joshua, finding it to be a silly gift.

"It's not a USB," chuckled Pastor Moses. "As Christians, we believe that The Bible, which is the word of God, is a powerful tool that could be used against the devil. So this thing is called a S.W, which stands for 'Spiritual Weapon. This S.W contains the whole Bible.

As Christians, we also believe in the power of Prayer and faith. So this S.W also contains countless prayers for different circumstances. You could use this S.W to fight the devil or do miracles, because it contains the whole Bible and countless Christian prayers and hymns.

To do a miracle, you need to take two steps:

First, have faith that the Lord is the 'All Powerful'.

Second, point this tool at anything and say,

'In Jesus's name…' Then say what you want to happen. This tool is not a magical tool though. It cannot do anything. Only the words that are inside it and your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can do miracles. Words without faith are nothing."

"But why do we have to fight against the devil?" asked Joshua.

"The devil hates everyone," replied Pastor Moses. "But he hates the people of New Jerusalem more than any other nation, because we're all believers in the Lord Jesus. Also, our country belonged to him, but then most of Jerusalemites opened their hearts to the Lord.

Another reason why the devil hates us is because he doesn't like it that God is blessing us a lot. So he's always running after us like a roaring lion, and especially after you, Joshua!"

"But what've I done that upsets him?" asked Joshua, shocked and afraid.

Pastor Moses looked at him sadly and said, "Well, one of his followers tried to kill you but he couldn't. Beelzebub got all his magical powers from the devil. So when he lost his powers, the devil became very angry with you."

Brother Noah looked at Pastor Moses and said, "I think that Joshua should take the 'Basic beliefs and teachings of Christianity' class, because he wasn't brought up in a Christian house. So he doesn't know anything about the Lord Jesus Christ or the Christian life."

Then he looked at Joshua and said, "Don't be sad. You're not the only one who had Christian parents but wasn't brought up in a Christian house. You'll meet people who have similar stories."

Joshua felt better now that he knew that he wasn't the only Christian who didn't know anything about Christianity.

Brother Noah continued, "In fact, there are many Christians who are able to learn about their faith, but they choose not to learn. Also, taking this class doesn't mean that you're in grade 1. Even older people have to take it too, because you can't live in a Christian country without knowing anything about Christianity."

After the party was over, the three visitors left.

Then Brother Abraham said to Joshua, "I'm thinking of taking you to Hamilton to say goodbye to your friends."

"Oh you don't have to do that," replied Joshua, very kindly.

"Well I don't mind doing it. So tomorrow after we finish breakfast, we'll start traveling in my flying car."

"Can we come too, dad?" asked Emily, who had never been to Hamilton before.

"Everyone is welcome to come," replied Brother Abraham, smiling at her.

"Wonderful!" shouted John, who was sitting beside Joshua.

"Oh you can't come!" said Brother Abraham, smiling at him. "I'm just kidding, dear."

After everyone had gone to sleep, Joshua and John went to their room too.

"Are you Canadians?" Joshua asked John when they were in bed.

"Well our grandfathers were," replied John. "But most of us were born in New Jerusalem. But we all speak English, because all of our grandfathers were either Canadians or Americans."

The next morning, which was August the 30th, they were all excited to go to Hamilton, because they had never been to that city before.

Joshua, however, was normal, because he had spent more than eleven miserable years there with the bad Bakers.

So they got into the car and Brother Abraham drove about a mile and then stopped in front of a Tim Horton's.

"What would you like to drink on the way?" he asked them. "It will take us about an hour to get to Hamilton. So you must have something to drink."

They all said "coffee," except for Emily who said, "tea please."

This was Joshua's second time drinking coffee. The first time was when they were at New Jerusalem store two days ago.

It would usually be John, who would sit with Joshua all the time, but this time, Emily was sitting on his right, and John was on his left. John was looking at the window most of the time. So Joshua and Emily were able to talk to each other.

"I can't wait to return to New Jerusalem," she whispered to him. "I don't really like coming here. I want to stay in my country the whole year."

"Do all Jerusalemites visit their relatives during summer times?" he asked.

"Well most of them were born in New Jerusalem," she answered. "So they don't have relatives in other countries to go visit."

"Do people say 'God bless you' in the secular world?" asked John, who turned to Joshua.

"I don't think so," replied Joshua, who was still looking at Emily.

"Do they say 'God curse you' then?" laughed John.

"Ha-ha," laughed Joshua and Emily with John. "I think that there's more cursing and swearing than blessing."

"So people swear in the secular world?" asked Emily, who couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Oh more than you can imagine!" laughed Joshua, remembering how many evil words the Bakers used.

"You see," John continued, "I lived my whole life in the Christian world. So I don't know how people speak in the secular world."

"And neither do I!" laughed Emily.

"Oh you don't need to know," laughed Joshua. "They swear a lot in the secular world."

"Oh wow," said Emily. "I guess that they're like the people of Noah's days, or the people of Sodom and Gomorra."

"Who are these people?" asked Joshua.

"Oh they're in the Bible," replied Emily. "You'll learn about them at school. Well, I'll give you a summary of the story. The people of Sodom and Gomorra were very evil. They did everything that the Lord hated. So the Lord decided to send fire, which burned them alive in their cities."

Finally, they reached downtown Hamilton.

"We'll be visiting your aunt's house first," said Brother Abraham to Joshua.

"But they don't want to see me," Joshua answered gravely.

"I know," replied Brother Abraham, who was now getting out of the car. "Brother Noah told me everything. We'll knock on the door, and if they don't let us in, we'll leave."

"Okay," replied Joshua sceptically. He was sure that the Bakers would not welcome him.

They knocked on the door.

"Hello, Mr. Baker," said Brother Abraham as Mr. Baker opened the door. He held out his hand to Mr. Baker, but he didn't take it. So Brother Abraham continued, "We've brought Joshua to say goodbye to you before he leaves for New Jerusalem."

"And who are you?" asked Mr. Baker, viciously

"My name is Brother Abraham," he replied.

"Now leave at once!" yelled Mr. Baker. "Don't ever come here again! Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," replied Brother Abraham, who was going back to the car.

"Wow," alleged Sister Sarah, as Brother Abraham got into the car. "I've met many secular people, but I've never met people like these."

"I know, Sarah." Brother Abraham told her. "Me either."

"I hope that the next family will be kind to us," said Brother Abraham as they were stopping at the Bob's house.

"Oh they're very nice," Joshua assured him. "They gave me my Bible."

"So are they believers then?" inquired Emily, who was opening her window to look at the house.

"Yes they are," Joshua told her.

They knocked on the door again.

"Hi," said Mr. Bob as he opened the door.

"Hello, Mr. Bob." Brother Abraham held out his hand. "My name is Brother Abraham."

"Nice to meet you," said Mr. Bob.

Then he saw Joshua. "Alex!" he shouted.

"Can I tell you something?" asked Brother Abraham.

"Sure!" responded Mr. Bob happily.

Then Brother Abraham said, "In reality, he's not Alex. His real name is not Alex."

Mr. Bob was shocked.

"His real name is…" Brother Abraham continued. "Joshua David!"

Mr. Bob ran to Joshua and hugged him.

"So you're Joshua David," he said. "But you never told me who you were!"

"Well I didn't know," said Joshua, who was almost crying.

Then Brother Abraham explained everything to Mr. Bob.

"Come in," said Mr. Bob to all of them. "And have something to drink."

Brother Abraham was walking beside Mr. Bob, and the rest followed them.

"So are these all your children?" asked Mr. Bob.

"Yes," answered Brother Abraham, thinking that Mr. Bob didn't like having many children.

"Well may the Lord bless them all," smiled Mr. Bob.

"So are you a Christian?" inquired Brother Abraham.

"Yes, we're Catholics," responded Mr. Bob.

"Well I've never met a Catholic person in my whole life," said Brother Abraham. "I'm very glad now that I'm talking to a Catholic person."

"Where do you live then?" asked Mr. Bob, sounding amused. "Catholics are everywhere, you know; and you've never met them?"

"Not in New Jerusalem though," said Brother Abraham.

Just then, Mrs. Bob and Emily had entered the room.

When Joshua saw Emily, he almost wanted to cry. She went over to him and hugged him very tightly. Then she sat beside him.

"So what denomination do you belong to?" Mr. Bob asked Brother Abraham, after his wife had gone to prepare drinks for them.

"Evangelicalism," replied Brother Abraham.

Joshua didn't understand the words "Catholic" and "Evangelical."

"So what are Catholics and Evangelicals?" he asked.

Brother Abraham looked at him and said, "They're both divisions of Christianity. Christianity is divided into many denominations, including Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Protestantism and Evangelicalism."

"Exactly." Mr. Bob agreed.

"I know that the Bakers didn't teach him any of this stuff. So it's their fault."

"Well they weren't Christians," said Joshua.

"Well," said Brother Abraham at last, getting to his feet. "We better start going now."

So Joshua and Emily Bob kissed each other and then he departed.

On September the fifth, two days before they had to leave to New Jerusalem, Brother Noah came to visit them.

"I'd like to have a little interview with Joshua, if you don't mind," he said to Brother Abraham.

"Oh sure," replied Brother Abraham.

So Brother Noah took Joshua to an empty room, and they sat beside each other.

"Then he began to speak, "I just want to say few words to you before you get to New Jerusalem.

First, it is very important to know that we have few Devilist families living in our community, because they chose not to become Christians when most of our people chose to become Christians. Now a Devilist is another word for 'magician', because the magicians who live in our country worship the devil. So we couldn't force them out of our community or our country, because they were born there. You'll learn all this in History class. So there are two communities living in the same building, the Majority Christian Community and the tiny Devilist community.

Second, it is very important to know that we have liars in our community. These liars belong to the Devilist community. Some of them say that they are Christians, but they're not. Because their lies are so powerful, we can't tell who's a real Christian and who's not. I command you to be very careful. These Devilist people have their own sections in the school, so that we won't be able to see them doing magic. You'll probably see them in History and Geography classes.

And lastly, I want to warn you not to go to their sections, because they're very dangerous for you. There are demons and evil spirits living there. All these demons and evil spirits belong to the devil. So they hate Christians a lot, especially our people, and specifically you, because you defeated their master."

He paused for a second and then asked, "Do you have any questions?"

"Yes, sir," replied Joshua, who had found the talk to be very interesting but scary at the same time. "So no one can enter their sections?"

Brother Noah smiled and replied, "Only those who are strong spiritually. I mean, only those who can resist evil spirits. But you will learn how to fight against evil spirits, because learning to fight against them is a very important thing in New Jerusalem, since they're constantly at war with us. Jesus taught us how to fight against evil spirits."

"Do you have any other questions before I go?" asked Brother Noah again, putting his traveling coat on.

"Do you have provinces and cities in New Jerusalem?" Asked Joshua, trying not to think about those demons and evil spirits.

"Yes we do," smiled Brother Noah. "We have countless provinces, and each province contains countless cities. We live in the province of Heaven, and in the city of Heaven."

Then he got up and said, "Well I have to go now, but I'll see you at the Holy Community Building on September the 7th."

"Thank you very much, sir," said Joshua, getting to his feet too. "Your information is very helpful to me."

"My pleasure, dear," he said, and left.

But Joshua kept thinking about the demons and the evil spirits that Brother Noah had told him about. This was very frightening to him. What would he do if they attacked him?

After that, Joshua told John and Emily everything that Brother Noah had told him. They did not look surprised.

"We knew all this," John spoke. "Because we've lived there since the day we were born."

"They're very powerful." Continued Emily. "Satan gives them many unusual powers. But we have powers too, since our God is with us."


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