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This is a long novel that is divided into several smaller parts. But I'm publishing it as one novel on this site. By Faisal Fransu View table of contents...


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Chapter 6

In The Flying Building

It was the night of September the fifth. Everyone was very excited to go back to New Jerusalem, because it was their country. Even Joshua who had never been to New Jerusalem was overflowing with joy. He knew that it was his country. In fact, his parents were Jerusalemites. However, after the death of his parents, he was sent to live with his aunt and Uncle Baker, who neglected him all the time.

So they slept that night and woke up on September the sixth. Joshua went to the kitchen for breakfast. Only John and Emily were there.

"Yes!" shouted Emily, who was sitting beside Joshua at the breakfast table that morning. "One more night! Tomorrow we'll be going back to our country and to our world!"

John laughed at her and said in a sleepy voice, "How can you shout early in the morning? I feel lazy even to drink water when I first get up."

"Well I'm not lazy like you," she laughed back at him. "I'm able to drink water when I first get up."

"You can't drink water in the morning?" asked Joshua, who had found it crazy not to drink water before eating breakfast.

"Well…" smiled Emily. "He's just trying to tell you how lazy he is, you know."

"Are you here, Mr. Lazy?" came the voice of Samson, who was coming toward them.

"Who's Mr. Lazy?"

"Sorry, sir," laughed John. "It's actually Miss lazy, you know." He meant that Emily was Miss lazy, because he pointed at her when he said this.

That afternoon, when they were eating lunch, John said to his father, "Aren't you going to do something for us before we leave for our world?"

Brother Abraham laughed and said, "You're the one who should be doing something for us! You're going to the best country, you know. And I and your mother have to stay here to take care of the Jerusalemite embassy."

He said this because he was a Jerusalemite, but he worked for the Jerusalemite embassy in Canada. He had to stay in Canada most of the time. And his wife stayed with him too.

Brother Abraham and Sister Sarah also preached in Canada, because they were both preachers. They would often speak about the Lord Jesus Christ to many people.

"But how are we going to get to New Jerusalem?" asked Joshua as he and John were left alone in the kitchen.

"In a flying building," replied John.

"In a flying what?" asked Joshua, who couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was there such thing as flying buildings?

"In a flying building," replied John again. "We have big and very high buildings that can fly. So each family or a couple can have a room in that building."

"But how's that possible?" wondered Joshua aloud.

John was cleaning the table. So he put down his cleaning towel and said, "Well you'll see some unbelievable things in our country. Don't you remember what Pastor Moses and Brother Noah said to you? Miracles are an ordinary thing in New Jerusalem."

That night, everyone, including Joshua, was very happy and couldn't wait to get into the flying building. This would be their last sleep in this world for that year.

Joshua had never traveled to another country. So he was little nervous. He kept thinking about what would happen if he gets lost there. Yet he was more excited than any of the Abrahams, because he was going to the country of his parents.

Another thing that Joshua was thinking of that night was the flying building. He was not sure whether or not John was telling him the truth. Were there really flying buildings?

So they spent almost three hours preparing their clothes and other things that they had to take with them to New Jerusalem. Emily helped Joshua prepare his things, and when he was done, he helped her to prepare hers.

Their last dinner in Canada was ready by now. Brother Abraham had gone to a restaurant to buy them their dinner, because Sister Sarah was busy helping her children to get organized for tomorrow.

During this dinner, however, Joshua didn't sit with John or Emily, but he sat in between Brother Abraham and Samson.

"So are you excited to go to your country, Joshua?" asked Brother Abraham, taking a bite from his chicken sandwich.

"More than you could ever imagine, sir," replied Joshua, smiling. "But I'm a little nervous though."

"I agree," smiled Samson.

That night, Joshua couldn't sleep very well. He kept thinking about the new country. He kept wondering how it feels to travel to another homeland. Would he be welcomed there?

He dreamed that he was sitting with three people in a very big restaurant. Two of these people looked important. The third person was Brother Noah. But Joshua did not recognize the other two. One of them looked handsome, but the other one looked very ugly.

Suddenly, the ugly man fell to the floor. And Joshua woke up.

"Good morning," said Joshua, as he entered the kitchen the next day.

"Great morning!" shouted Emily.

"You know what?" said John, laughing at her as he sat at the kitchen table. "I'm just finding the truth about you."

"What do you mean?" she asked sweetly.

"Well…" he took a drink from his coffee. "I always thought that you were quiet and shy, but it seems that you're not! Actually, you're the craziest person in the whole family!"

"Only pretty girls are shy," came the voice of Isaac.

"Well good morning," he said, taking a seat beside Joshua.

"Well thank you, sir," added Samson as he entered the room. "It's a great morning for me because I'm mourning for someone."

"Who?" asked Joshua urgently.

"No one," replied Samson. "And he doesn't live anywhere. In fact, he doesn't exist at all."

John and Emily were used to these jokes. So they weren't sad or anything, because they knew that Samson liked to play with words.

But Emily was still angry with Isaac, because he had said that only pretty girls were shy. So she said to him, "You said that only pretty girls are shy. Do you mean that I'm not pretty?"

"Brothers usually don't think that their sisters are pretty, you know," he laughed. "That's how it works in New Jerusalem."

"Well not all Jerusalemite boys think like you." John reminded him.

Meanwhile, Joshua was still thinking about the dream that he had. Finally, he decided to tell it to all those who were sitting at the breakfast table.

"Hmmm…" wondered Isaac. "I don't know what to say, brother. But Jerusalemite people get a lot of strange dreams. So you're not the only one, you know."

"Where is the flying building?" Joshua asked Isaac, trying to change the subject.

"It stays near the Jerusalemite embassy," he responded. "So we'll have to go to the embassy and it will be there for us."

As soon as they had finished breakfast, they started putting all of their stuff in their Jerusalemite Bags.

"Now carry all your bags and follow me," said Brother Abraham, leading them toward his car.

"But you and mum should help us," said Emily, trying to keep up with them. "Because you're not carrying anything."

"Well I'm carrying my keys," said Brother Abraham. Everyone laughed.

"Want help?" said Samson, making fun of his father for this joke.

"And mum is carrying her arms," added Isaac.

So they put all of their bags in the trunk, and then got into the car.

"Beside me please…" said Emily quietly as Joshua got into the car. So he went and sat beside her. He felt like that there was something in her heart that she didn't want to tell it to him.

Joshua was happy that no one was sitting beside him except Emily, because he wanted to talk to her.

"Emily?" he smiled at her.

She smiled back but said nothing. She looked like she was suffering from the inside. She seemed to be broken hearted. Then she started crying.

"Do you love me?" he whispered to her.

"Yes I do," she whispered back. "I loved you from the moment I met you."

So he hugged her tightly and said, "I love you too." It was true. From the moment that he heard that her name was Emily; he fell in love with her.

He continued, "When I went to school back in Hamilton, there was a girl who was the only person who loved me in the whole school. Her name was Emily too. I think that you saw her when we went to visit the Bob's family in Hamilton. Do you remember?"

"Yes, dear," she replied, wiping her tears.

So he kissed her for the first time and said, "I'll never leave you alone."

"O you're so sweet," she replied. "There was never a boy who loved me like you. I've been looking for someone like you for years."

Just then, they stopped near the Jerusalemite embassy.

Brother Abraham and Sister Sarah helped them carry their bags this time.

"The bags will have to go separately," said Brother Abraham, who was carrying Samson's bag.

As they entered the embassy, they saw many Jerusalemites waiting there.

"Joshua!" shouted Brother Israel from behind. He was the man that Joshua met while shopping at the New Jerusalem Store.

"Now what should I do next?" asked Joshua, who had just given his bag to the man who carried it to the other Flying building to go separately.

"We just have to wait until they call us," answered John, who was free from his bag as well. "Then we'll get into the building."

"Do you mind if I sit with Emily?" asked Joshua nervously.

"Not at all," replied John, who understood that they were in love. "And I can sit with my girlfriend as well."

"So how long does it take to get to New Jerusalem?" asked Joshua, trying to change the subject.

John moved closer to him and replied, "Well if you were to use things made in the secular world, such as airplanes and other things, it would take you forever to get there. But if you use our flying buildings, flying cars or other flying things, it would take you only few hours."

"That's really far!" said Joshua, sounding shocked at the news.

"Well that's why people consider New Jerusalem another world," laughed John.

Finally, Brother Abraham and Sister Sarah came to take them to the flying building. There were many people getting into the building.

"You have to choose where you want to sit from now," said Brother Abraham.

"Can I sit with Joshua please?" said Emily, who made Joshua feel happy but nervous at the same time.

"Do you mind if Emily sits with you, Joshua?" asked Brother Abraham, who also had understood that they were in love.

"Not at all, sir," replied Joshua nervously.

"Well bye then," said John, shaking Joshua's hand. "I'll come to visit you in the building with my girlfriend. So leave some seats for us."

"Bye," answered Joshua nervously, who was left now standing with Brother Abraham and Sister Sarah and Emily.

Then Sister Sarah gave him a big hug and said, "Joshua, you are the Leader of the Holy Community. I wish you the best. Don't be afraid of anything. Let the Lord be in the center of everything. Amen?"

"Amen," replied Joshua, who didn't understand what she meant by, "You are the leader of the Holy Community." She then left.

So Brother Abraham kissed Joshua and said, "Joshua, I love you as one of my children. I know that you have many enemies in the Holy Community Building, but don't be afraid of anything. The Lord will protect you." Then he kissed his daughter and left too.

Joshua kept wondering about the phrase 'You are the leader of the Holy Community Building.' Why did they say that? Were they hiding something from him?

Now they were standing at the door of the flying building. It looked exactly like a big apartment. It was very big and high. There were many rooms in it. A family occupied each room. There were Bible verses on almost every wall.

"Let's get in," said Emily, pointing at the door.

So he held onto her arm and she led him to the building. They looked like a married couple.

When they had entered the building, everyone started looking at them. Almost the whole building fell silent. But Joshua and Emily ignored them. So they kept walking until they found an empty room.

It was very small. There was a couch, and a table in front. So when they sat down, the table was in front of them. There was also a window behind them, and a wall on Joshua's right. The door was on Emily's left side.

There was a Bible verse on the wall, which was taken from Psalm 27:1. It said, "The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid?"

Then they realized that John and a girl were in the room beside them.

"Is that his girlfriend?" Joshua asked Emily.

"Yes she is," replied Emily, hugging him very tightly. "Her name is Samantha. I always felt jealous of John, because he had a girlfriend, but I didn't have a boyfriend."

"But now you have," smiled Joshua.

"Of course I do," she smiled back. "So my jealousy is over, I guess."

This was Joshua's favourite day for many reasons including, he was going to the greatest country in the world and he had a girlfriend. There was nothing to complain about. He thought that he was dreaming. He couldn't believe that he was in a flying building; he couldn't believe that he was going to the land of his parents, and he couldn't believe that he was sitting beside a very pretty and sweet girl who loved him as much as he loved her. He had never been that happy before.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said a man in a microphone." "The building will start flying in two minutes. So please find a seat anywhere and sit before the crash. Then after a few minutes of flying, you'll be able to walk in the building again."

"A crash?" asked Joshua frightfully.

"Oh, he's only joking," replied Emily. "He does that all the time, you know."

"it's one in the afternoon now," said Joshua. "So when are we going to be there?"

Emily looked at the door. There was writing on it. It said, "Holy Community flying building, number 2, will arrive at the Holy Community at four o'clock."

"So we'll be there at four," she answered.

There was a knock on the door of their room. So they both got up and went to open it.

"Want anything to eat or drink, sir and Miss?" said a young woman, who was holding something that looked like a controller.

"Yes, please," answered Joshua. "A big cup of coffee and some cookies please."

Emily asked for a cup of tea and cookies. As they were telling her what they wanted, that woman was pressing buttons on her little device. So then, Joshua realized what it was. It was something to write things in it so that you would not forget them.

But he wasn't sure whether he was right or not. So he asked Emily, "What was that device that she was holding?"

"It's a writer," answered Emily, smiling. "In New Jerusalem, we don't use papers to write on, but we have this device. We take it everywhere we go. We just keep it in our pockets. We use the same thing in class. Also, we can copy stuff from any computer or device to it. In fact, the only thing that we take to class is this device, because it has all our books, homework and notes on it, and we also type all our answers on it. Then we send them to the teacher, because this machine is also connected to the Internet."

Joshua found this machine to be a great tool for school, because he wouldn't have to take anything with him to the class.

The woman brought them what they had asked for. So now, they were eating together. Joshua loved his coffee. In fact, he ordered the biggest cup possible. The Bakers had never let him drink coffee. So now that he was free from them, he drank coffee almost everywhere he went.

"These cookies taste wonderful!" Joshua shouted. "Are they Jerusalemite cookies?"

"Yep," replied Emily happily, her mouth full.

"They taste heavenly!" cried Joshua.

There was another knock on their door. This time, however, it was John and a pretty girl, whom Joshua recognized to be Samantha, because Emily had told him about her.

"Hi," said John as he entered the room, followed by Samantha.

"Do you know who this is, Samantha?" He pointed at Joshua for her.

She looked at Joshua for a second and said, "Joshua David?"

Joshua became very nervous. He was wondering how people knew that it was him. How did they know that it was him if they had never seen him?

"Yes he is!" said John excitedly. So then he introduced Samantha to Joshua and said, "Joshua, this is my friend Samantha."

Joshua and Samantha shook hands. But he didn't think that she was as pretty as Emily.

"So what's new?" said John, taking a seat beside Samantha.

Joshua laughed and said, "Well I learned something new today."

"And what's that?" asked John, who was sitting in front of him.

Joshua laughed again and replied, "Well I learned about the writing machine."

"Oh I have one," replied John. Then he pulled out of his pocket a similar device and handed over to Joshua. "Everyone has one of those." Continued John. "Because we don't use paper in New Jerusalem."

"Never?" asked Joshua, shocked.

"Never," replied John happily. "Using this machine is much easier than carrying a hundred books in your backpack. We also want to save the trees. We feel sorry for them and we don't want to cut them down or anything. So why should we use papers?"

"I see…" replied Joshua, handing back the machine to John. "So will I be able to get one when we get there?"

John looked shocked at the question. So he asked, "Didn't dad get you one when we were at the New Jerusalem Store?"

"Well I haven't checked all my stuff yet. But I'll do when I get there, because my bag is not with me right now, you know."

John looked at all of them and said, "As you know, The Holy Community contains sections for groups of friends to own. So I'm thinking if we could get one that will have three rooms: one for me and \Joshua, one for Emily and Samantha, and the third one will be for Samson and Isaac."

He paused for a second and then said, "Oh I forgot to explain something to Joshua. In every community building in New Jerusalem, there are two types of sections: one is 'Family Sections' and the other type is called 'Friendsections.' People who want to sleep with their parents sleep in the Family Sections. But if you want to sleep with your friends instead, you must sleep in a Friendsection. Since our parents are not with us at the Holy Community, we can get a section for ourselves, because friends can sleep together. In fact, most students don't sleep with their parents, but with their friends. Sixty percent of the students sleep with their friends. What do you think, everyone?"

"I think that it's a great idea," replied Joshua, who felt happy to sleep with John because they were best friends. He knew that he couldn't sleep with Emily, as they were not married yet.

Even Emily and Samantha liked this idea.

"So we just have Samson and Isaac to ask now," said Emily.


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