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This is a long novel that is divided into several smaller parts. But I'm publishing it as one novel on this site. By Faisal Fransu View table of contents...


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Chapter 7

The Holy Community Building

It was three o'clock in the afternoon now. That meant that Joshua and his friends had only an hour left and then they would be at the Holy Community Building.

Meanwhile, Samantha had fallen asleep beside John.

"She's tired, I guess," he whispered. "She helps her parents a lot. That's why she's tired."

Then Joshua, John, and Emily decided to leave their room for few minutes. As they got out of the room, everybody's eyes fell on Joshua. He tried to ignore them, but it was very hard, since they were looking at him from every side.

Then, a boy who seemed to be the same age as Joshua ran toward them.

"Hi Joshua!" he said, shaking hands with Joshua. "My name is Samuel Adam. I'll be going to grade seven this year."

"Me too!" said Joshua excitedly. "So does all your family live in the Holy Community?"

"Just me and my mother," replied the boy sadly.

Then, someone had called the boy. So he left them.

"Se how famous you are?" smiled John.

Joshua smiled back at him, but said nothing.

"What does he mean that only he and his mother live in the Holy Community?" Asked Joshua.

"I don't know," replied John.

"But he looked sad when he said this," said Joshua, who felt sorry for him.

"I know," replied John. "Well maybe his father is dead? Who knows?"

"John?" whispered Emily happily. "Let's forget about Samantha. We'll leave the flying building and we won't wake her up."

"It's not funny!" He looked a little angry now.

"Well she's not that pretty anyway," smiled Emily.

Then John looked at her and said in a nasty voice, "You're saying this because you're jealous that you don't have a boyfriend. Right?"

"Who said I don't have one?" asked Emily, smiling at Joshua, which made him feel very nervous at that moment.

"Well who is he?" asked John. He knew that she meant Joshua, but he wanted her to say it.

"He's standing beside you," replied Emily, hiding her face away from Joshua.

"I knew it!" Said John with a victorious voice.

Then he shook Joshua's hand and said, "Congratulations, brother!"

Next, he looked at Emily and asked, "So why are you still jealous of me?"

She did not answer.

Meanwhile, Joshua was looking at the people who were in the flying building. He saw many children sitting with their parents. This made him want to cry, because he did not have his parents to sit with. He enjoyed being with John and Emily, but there is nothing better than having your own parents.

"What's the matter, brother?" asked John, a little worryingly. He thought that there was something bothering Joshua.

"I wish that I could be with my parents." Replied Joshua sorrowfully.

This forced Emily to hug him very tight. She told him, "Don't worry, dear. I love you."

She was touched with his sadness. So she started crying as well.

"I love you too," said Joshua as he kissed her.

John, however, was not looking at them, for he did not want to embarrass them. He was very kind in that way.

The man who had the microphone spoke again and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, you have reached your destination." And the building stopped moving.

So John ran to wake up Samantha. Emily just kept smiling at Joshua, who was feeling nervous.

John and Samantha came and joined the other two. So they started walking out of the flying building. The place where they were walking looked like a very big garage. There was no garage in Canada that was bigger than this one.

"This is like an airport," said John to Joshua. "This is where the flying buildings stay."

Finally, they reached a door. But before they had knocked, the door slid open, and there stood Brother Israel with a big smile on his face. He was holding a controller.

"Welcome to the Holy Community building, everyone!" He said to them. "And welcome to New Jerusalem, Joshua!"

They followed him all the way, until they reached a small, but nice looking room. So he stopped and said, "This is my office. I need to talk to you to make sure where you'll be sleeping, because sleeping is the most important thing here in New Jerusalem. You could sleep as much as you want. No one can tell you when to get up."

Everyone laughed, and they followed him into the office.

"So I can sleep as much as I want?" Laughed Joshua.

"Oh, he's just kitting," smiled Emily.

"Sir," said John. "Can you call Samson and Isaac to come here please? We all want to sleep in the same section. So a section with three rooms would be great."

"Okay," replied Brother Israel, writing the information down. "I'll call them right now."

Samson and Isaac came into the room. Then John told them about his plan to find a section for all of them. They liked this idea. So Brother Israel started checking his computer, looking for a three-room section.

At last, he said, "Now, follow me, everyone!"

They entered into a small hallway, and there stood six doors. So Brother Israel opened the first door and they went in.

There were ten chairs and a table. There were also ten computers. So each person sat on a chair, and then Brother Israel began explaining to them, "Your section number is 1994. Don't forget to record this number in your controllers when you get them. The first room in this hallway is the room where all of you can meet together. So you could almost call it the capital of your section. Doors 2 to four are sleeping rooms, and the other two doors are the two washrooms, one for boys and the other one for girls."

After that, they left their section and went to get their bags. So each one of them got his or her bag and they all returned to their section.

John started teaching Joshua how to use his controller. Joshua was trying to remember all the information.

"You can do many things with it," said John. "For example, you could open doors, or point it at other machines and press one of the buttons. Each button does something. But each button does something different on each machine."

And then, there was a knock on their door. So John and Joshua ran to open it. It was Brother Israel, again.

"Can you come with me, Joshua?" he said.

Joshua felt very nervous, but he said, "Yes, sir." So Brother Israel and Joshua left section 1994.

"You don't have to call me 'sir,' you know," Brother Israel said. "Just call me 'Brother Israel.' I know that you're trying to respect me, but in Christianity, all believers are brothers and sisters in Christ. It doesn't matter how old you are. You get the same respect as anyone else."

And then, they stopped near two doors, which had writings on them. The writing on the right door said, "Brother Noah's office." And the door on the left said, "Sister Bianca's office."

"See?" laughed Brother Israel. "Didn't I tell you that we're all brothers and sisters? Brother Noah is the leader of this building, but we don't call him 'mister,' you know."

Then he knocked on Sister Bianca's door.

"Come in!" they heard a voice from inside the door. So they entered the room.

"Joshua!" cried Sister Bianca, getting to her feet and running to hug and kiss Joshua.

"Do you need anything, Sister Bianca?" asked Brother Israel.

"No thanks," replied Sister Bianca. Then he left the room, leaving Joshua with Sister Bianca.

She held his arm and led him to a chair beside hers.

"So do you know who I am?" she began, sitting beside him.

"No, Miss," replied Joshua nervously.

"Just call me Sister Bianca," she said sweetly. So Brother Israel was right when he said that all Christians in this building are brothers and sisters.

She continued, "I was your mother's best friend. My husband was your father's best friend. We all took the same classes, and we even got married on the same day.

Then…" she started crying.

"Your parents were murdered. I asked Brother Noah if I could take you and treat you like my son, but he didn't let me do it. So we took you to your aunt's house."

Then she started wiping out her tears.

Joshua asked, "So can I meet your husband?"

She started crying again.

"My husband is in the hands of the Satanic Soldiers. They kidnapped him a month before you were born. Some of the magicians who live here say that he had killed many people, but that wasn't true. The Satanic Soldiers say that we must send them someone to kill, and they'll free him. They believe that the blood of Christians is very sweet.

So many good and faithful brothers said that they were willing to die and save him. But the Satanic Soldiers don't want to tell us where to send these people."

Next, Joshua looked at her and said, "Well, if he had done anything wrong, the police should've arrested him not the Satanic Soldiers. They're not in the police, are they?"

"No they're not," replied Sister Bianca sadly. "But you're right. If he had done anything wrong, it would've been the police's job to deal with him. But he's innocent. I'm not lying."

"So you haven't seen him for more than ten years?" asked Joshua, who had felt sorry for her.

"I haven't seen him for twelve years," she answered miserably. "In fact, I was pregnant when he was kidnapped. So he hasn't seen his first born son."

Then Joshua asked, "Is your son's name Samuel Adam?"

"Yes," she replied.

"I met him in the flying building," continued Joshua. "He was very kind to me."

"Yes he is very kind, just like his father," said Sister Bianca, smiling for the first time.

After staying with Sister Bianca for a half an hour, Joshua got to his feet and said, "Well if I could help, I would surely do it. I would give up my life to save him.

"I know you would," replied Sister Bianca, hugging him very tightly. "Because you are the son of Joseph and Mary David."

Finally, Joshua left Sister Bianca's office. His section was not far from her office. So it was easy finding his way out.

When he was inside the main room of his section, he told his friends all about what Sister Bianca had told him concerning her husband.

"We knew all this," said Samantha gloomily.

Then Emily came to Joshua and whispered, "Do you want to come with me?"

"Sure," he answered, not knowing where he was going. But he was sure that he would be safe with her.

After they had left the room, she said, "Ah… I don't know how I'm going to sleep with Samantha."

Joshua laughed and said, "Well just put your head on the pillow and sleep. That's all."

"So where are we going?" he asked.

"Just want to show you The Holy Community building," she answered, smiling.

She led him to a room full of chairs.

"These are flying chairs," she explained. "Just sit on one of them and then write where you want to go and they'll fly to that place. This building is huge. So it would take you forever to get to where you want to go. But if you use one of these chairs, it'll take only five minutes or less."

This seemed to be a lot of fun. Therefore, he wanted to try one of them.

"One is enough for both of us," said Emily, sitting on one of the flying chairs. Then Joshua sat beside her. He put his arms around her, in case they would fall from the flying chair, they would fall together.

So she pointed out her controller at a little screen that was attached to the chair, and then she pressed a button. The chair started flying immediately.

"Wow!" shouted Joshua excitedly. "That's really interesting."

"But you didn't write any location name," he said, pointing at her controller.

"I don't have to write anything," she answered. "Because every place's name is written in this controller. You just have to press the right button."

Suddenly, the chair came down to the floor. They were standing near a big door.

She looked at him and said with a quiet voice, "You don't want to pass this door."

"Why?" he asked interestingly.

"Because it leads to the Devilist sections of the building. They're very dangerous for all of us. This door separates our sections from theirs. That's why it's called the 'Separation' door."

"Well Brother Noah told me all this," said Joshua, remembering when Brother Noah was warning him not to go to the Devilist sections.

"Good!" she replied. "Let's continue on our journey."

"Oh!" said Joshua, with a happy voice. "I just remembered to check my bag. I want to see if I have a writer or not."

"Well let's go back then," replied Emily happily. So they put the chair in its place and then returned to their section.

While they were walking toward their section, Joshua said, "This is really Heaven!"

"Yes it is, oh my love," replied Emily.

So they entered the room where Joshua and John would be sleeping in.

"Here it is!" said Joshua, dragging his bag toward Emily. So they opened it. Joshua didn't open it when Brother Abraham had bought it for him at the New Jerusalem Store in Ottawa. So this was his first time opening it.

Inside the bag, there was a writer. It looked exactly like the one that John had.

But then, Emily opened another bag, which was inside the bigger one. There were clothes that couldn't be folded.

"Flying clothes!" she shouted. So Joshua looked at the clothes.

"But how can they fly?" he asked surprisingly. That was another shock to him.

She looked at the clothes and explained, "They have little engines in them. You can use your controller to control them.

They could take you anywhere you want. I have clothes like them too. All Jerusalemites have flying clothes."

"When do you use them?" he asked.

She looked at him and replied, "Anytime. Many people use them even inside the building. They use them instead of the elevator. You can also use them when there is a large crowd of people. This will help you avoid the people."

In Joshua's bag, however, there was another device.

"This is a messenger," she explained. "You don't need it in this world, but you could use it in the other world.

Since our devices don't work in the other world, you won't be able to call anyone who lives here. So you could write a message to someone, and this device will fly to that person."

After they had finished looking in Joshua's bags, they decided to continue their journey around the building. They used the same flying chair that they had used before.

But then, Emily decided to stop the chair near a multitude of doors.

"These are called 'Favourite Rooms,'" she explained, as they opened one of the many doors and had entered in. "You could come in here to do anything you like. You could even come in here to read a book quietly.

Or, you could come with your girlfriend."

"Can I pray here too?" asked Joshua, who had never prayed.

"Well yes…" she replied. "But the best place to pray in is the Holy section, which is also known as the 'church area.' Let's go to it now."

So they left that room.

At last, they stopped at a very big door.

Then Emily explained, "This door leads to the Holy section." She opened the door with her controller, and they both went in. Then she continued her explanation, saying, "This section contains three churches: one for people who like to chant without any musical instrument. This church is called 'The Angelic Church.' They sing Byzantine chants, I guess. The second church is for people who like to sing classical hymns. This church is called 'The Classical Hymn Church.' Finally, the third church is for people who like contemporary worship music. This church is called 'The contemporary Church.' There are other holy rooms in this section. They're used for quiet Bible reading, prayer and meditation. Sometimes, people sleep in these rooms, and they get Heavenly visions or dreams. Many miracles take place in this area."

There was a big party that night. The whole building was in the restaurant. Even the Magicians were there.

"Oh no," Joshua told Emily, as they sat down in the big restaurant.

"What's the matter, dear?" she asked in her sweet voice.

He hugged her and said, "The magicians are here. They might do something dangerous."

"Oh they won't," replied Emily. "They can't do any magic because we have many S.S."

"What's that suppose to mean?" he asked.

"Well S.S stands for 'Spiritual Soldiers,' because they can fight evil spirits, you know."


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