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This is a long novel that is divided into several smaller parts. But I'm publishing it as one novel on this site. By Faisal Fransu View table of contents...


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Chapter 8

The First Miracle

At the party, two important people sat at the biggest table together. One of them looked like a king. He was wearing his royal robe, which had the flag of New Jerusalem painted on it. Now the flag of New Jerusalem consisted of a cross in the middle, a little paper on the right side, which represented the Bible, and a duv on the left, which is a symbol of peace. The other person looked like a Devilist. He had a snake painted on his shirt. The snake is the symbol of Devilism.

Just then, the whole place fell silent. Brother Noah, the leader of the Holy Community building, was about to give a little speech.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen," he began. "Well welcome back to the Holy Community." When he said the name 'Holy Community', some of the magicians had nasty looks on their faces, because they did not like it when this building was called by its Christian name. Instead, they called it 'The Devilist Community'."

Brother Noah continued, "I pray that you will be blessed throughout the year.

First, I would like to welcome our two guests. The first one is the leader of our country, King Solomon. And the second guest is the representative of the Devilist community to the Jerusalemite government, and he is Mr. Satan."

All the Devilists clapped their hands, but no one from the Christian community clapped. Instead, some of them started laughing when they heard the name 'Satan.'

Brother Noah continued, "Since we're going to have a big party tonight, there will be no school tomorrow. And I have someone very special for you today." He pointed at Joshua and went on, "This person is our victory against Beelzebub and his followers. The Lord has given a great victory for us through this man. As you all know, Beelzebub tried to kill him, but he lost all his magical powers. That man is with us today, and his name is Joshua David!"

The whole place was full of clapping and cheers. Emily kissed him. Many people were coming to shake his hands. Everyone was talking about him except the Devilists, who looked angry.

Many of the Christians were shouting, "Praise the Lord! He sent us victory through Joshua David!"

After that, the Devilist community left the restaurant.

"Where are they going?" Joshua asked Emily.

"Well they're only here for the introduction," she answered. "And after that they go to their own sections to worship the devil.

Did you see how mad they were when everybody was singing for you?"

"They worship the devil?" he asked, ignoring her question.

"Yes they do," replied Emily. "That's where they get all their powers from, you know. They can't do anything without the help of the demons. In fact, these demons live in them and in their sections."

Joshua looked serious now. So he said, "That proves that they are followers of Beelzebub. Doesn't it?"

"You're right," answered Emily. "But if you say this in front of them, they'll deny it. In addition, Beelzebub is the biggest devil worshiper. So he's their leader.

You see, we can't kick them out of this building, because it also belongs to them."

Then Brother Noah came to Joshua and whispered, "Is this your friend?" he pointed at Emily.

"Yes she is, sir," replied Joshua, shaking with fear.

Then Brother Noah said to both of them, "Come with me please. The king and the representative want to see you, Joshua." So they followed him to the table where King Solomon and Mr. Satan were sitting.

The king made Joshua sit beside him, and Emily sat beside Joshua.

Then Brother Noah spoke, "Joshua, don't be afraid to speak to the king. I know that in the secular world, kings are almost treated like gods. But here, you should respect them as much as you respect me, not less or more."

Then King Solomon shook Joshua's hand and said, "Well nice to meet you, Mr. David!"

Joshua was shocked to hear someone calling him 'Mr. David'. He knew that 'David' was his last name, but no one had ever treated him like an important leader.

"Well nice to meet you too, sir," replied Joshua, trying to sound happy. He wasn't sad or angry, but he was shaking with fear. Why was the king in their building? And why did he want to see him?

"So how did you defeat the greatest magician of all time?" asked King Solomon?

"It wasn't me," replied Joshua. "It was the Lord Jesus Christ…"

At that moment, Mr. Satan had fallen to the floor. So Brother Noah helped him to get to his feet again. Joshua didn't know why Mr. Satan had fallen, but he stopped talking as soon as he heard him fall to the floor.

So King Solomon kept asking too many questions, while Joshua was enjoying the conversation. He was honoured to sit with the king of the greatest country in the world.

Mr. Satan, however, didn't do anything to Joshua, but said, "Well the Devilist Community is now celebrating in their own sections. So I must go and join them." And he left the table angrily.

"That's better," laughed King Solomon. "I don't really like the Devilists, but I can't force them out of my country, you know."

After a little while, Joshua got used to talking with the King without any fear.

"But why can't you force them out of the country?" asked Joshua. "Aren't you the King? Can't you do whatever you want?"

"No, sir," Replied the King. "Although I'M the King of the whole country, yet I can't force them out of New Jerusalem, because it belongs to them as well. The Lord told me that if I were to keep them, something great would happen."

"A good thing or bad?" asked Joshua.

"Very good thing," answered King Solomon. "But I don't know what it is though."

So Joshua asked again, "Could you force them to leave just this building then?"

King Solomon smiled and told him, "I can't do that either, because even this building belongs to them too.

To be honest, the Devilist Community make up less than zero percent, you know. There are only several hundred thousands of them, but we are numerous. Nevertheless, there's a former Jerusalemite province that has about ten billion Devilists."

"So how's life in the secular world?" asked the King after a little while.

"Very hard," replied Joshua. "Especially with my aunt and uncle."

At this, the King laughed and said, "So were they Christians?"

"No," replied Joshua truthfully. "In fact, I didn't know anything about Christianity until I met a girl at the school back there. She told me a little bit about Jesus. After meeting Jerusalemite people, however, I learned more. I hope to learn even more about the Lord Jesus here."

"Of course you will," replied Brother Noah happily. "So would you like to become a preacher in the future?"

"What's a preacher, sir?" asked Joshua, who had poor knowledge about things.

Brother Noah looked at the king and said, "See, didn't I tell you that the Bakers haven't taught him anything about Christianity?"

Then he looked back at Joshua and told him, "A preacher is someone who has relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and has studied the whole Bible. His job is to tell others about the Lord Jesus. He also speaks in churches. He might even appear on the radio or the television. But his main goal is to tell people about the Lord Jesus Christ, so that if they believe, they will go to Heaven after they die."

"So is Pastor Moses a good example of a preacher?" asked Joshua, who liked the idea of preaching.

"Very close," replied Brother Noah. "But Pastor Moses is also a prophet. He has also studied the Bible. So yes, he is able to preach. In fact, he conducts all the worship services in this community."

Then Brother Noah started talking to King Solomon. So he turned his attention away from Joshua and Emily.

There was a little device on the table in front of them.

"What's this?" asked Joshua, trying to forget about the magicians, because he was thinking about what the magicians would be doing now in their section.

Emily looked at it and explained, "This is called 'The Food Device.' You can write what you want to eat and it'll come to you. Use the buttons of this device to write.

And it's almost time for dinner. So it's a great opportunity for me to teach you how to use it now." So she started showing him all the buttons on the device.

"I don't know what to choose," he said, talking about food. "So please choose something for me," and she did.

Within a second, there were flying trays coming toward the tables. A very big tray had landed in front of them. There were many kinds of food on it including, steak, chicken barbecue, roasted lamb and many other things. There were also cucumbers, olive oil and many other vegetables. They even had large glasses of Pepsi.

So Joshua and Emily enjoyed their food together. It was like eating in a King's palace. They ate everything that was on the tray.

Suddenly, the tray had disappeared.

"How did that happen?" asked Joshua, amazed.

Emily smiled at him and said, "There are many people and machines working in the kitchen. These trays have little engines in them. So they can fly. But they also have little cameras too. So the people who are working in the kitchen can see when the person is finished eating. Then they take them back. This is new technology."

Then, other trays were coming toward them. In these trays, there was ice cream, all kinds of chips, cookies, more drinks and other sweet stuff. So Joshua and Emily ate and drank everything that was on their tray. The tray had disappeared again.

"I'm full!" said Joshua happily. "I've never eaten that much."

This was Joshua's favourite day in his whole life. He was in the greatest country in the whole world. He ate as much as he wanted. He even had a girlfriend with him. But the thing that made him feel happy the most was sitting with the king of the greatest country in the world.

Then, they all got up to go to sleep. So Joshua and Emily got up too. They were full and tired. So they entered their section. Then Emily and Joshua kissed each other, and each one went to his or her room.

"John?" said Joshua, getting into his bed.

"Oh hi, Joshua. So did you like the celebration?"

"It was my favourite day in my whole life," replied Joshua.

He was in his bed thinking, what are the Bakers doing without him? How would they feel if they knew where he was?

Finally, he fell asleep.

He had a very strange dream. He dreamed that he was walking in a very big building. He was holding olive branches in his hands.

But then he had another strange dream. He was walking near the Separation door, which leads to the Devilist Community, but the door itself was not there.

He woke up early the next morning. Subsequently, he decided to go to the main room in that section.

"Good morning, Samantha," he said as he entered the room.

"O hi, Mr. David," she replied, but not as sweet as Emily did.

"Just call me Joshua," he laughed.

So he sat on one of the chairs and took a laptop. He opened it and started playing with it, because he had never used a Jerusalemite computer before. Thus, he didn't know what to do with it.

Just then, Emily had entered the room. Samantha was gone now.

"Good morning, sweetie," he said. She brought a chair, put it beside his, and sat on it.

"Hi, dear," she smiled. This was his true lover not Samantha.

Then they started playing with the computer. Emily was teaching him how to use it.

Next, he told her about the two dreams that he had.

"Well we do get strange dreams here in New Jerusalem," she told him.

After that, they got up and decided to go to the restaurant, since it was time for breakfast. So Joshua and Emily sat together, across from John and Samantha. Joshua used the device on the table for the second time, because Emily taught him how to use it the night before. This time, however, she didn't help him with anything, because he knew how to order his food.

This device contained many buttons, and pressing anyone of them would bring a flying tray filled with the requested food.

After breakfast, Joshua and Emily, John and Samantha decided to go and see Brother Israel, because they didn't know what courses they would be taking. The next day would be the first day of school.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen," said Brother Israel as he opened the door for them. "Come in!"

They entered. Joshua and Emily sat together again.

Brother Israel knew why they wanted to see him, because he said, "Go to your profile and you'll see all the information regarding your courses."

"What profile?" asked Joshua, who didn't understand what Brother Israel meant.

So Brother Israel looked at him and explained, "A profile is like a website that contains everything about you. Everyone here in New Jerusalem has one. You can also upload your own stuff to it. But you must only upload what you want people to see."

"So what's my profile address then?" asked Joshua, who liked the idea of having his own website.

"Go on the internet," responded Brother Israel. "And the first thing that pops up is our community's website. So look for the 'search' box, and then type 'Joshua David,' and you will be taken to your profile. Then you will be able to change anything that you want."

So all four of them decided to return to their section. Then they started using the computers, trying to find out what their courses will be.

Emily sat beside Joshua as usual. She started teaching him how to go to his profile.

"You can access the internet from your little computer," she said. "So you can go to your profile from there and you could upload anything you want. Your little computer has a video camera with it. So you could record videos of what you're doing, and then you could upload them to the Internet. That's what journalists use to upload their news to the Internet immediately after they're done filming or writing."

The little computer that she was talking about was one of the things that were found in Joshua's bag. Every person in New Jerusalem had a little computer. They could use it wherever they were. It was also connected to the Internet.

After that, Emily decided to tell Joshua some information about the Holy Community building. Therefore, she began, "Everywhere in New Jerusalem, including in this building, there are video cameras everywhere. These cameras are there, because it would be very easy for the police to find someone who have done something bad. There are two kinds of these cameras:

The first kind is called 'The private cameras,' which no one can look at. Only the police, and only when they really need to, they look at its videos.

The second is called 'The Public Cameras'. This type of cameras is connected to the Internet. Therefore, people can see what others are doing. These cameras are located in public places, like the restaurant, the school, the church and other public places. The private cameras, however, are only in rooms where people sleep and in the bathrooms. So if you're in any of the public places, people all over the world can see you."

Then, Joshua wanted to try out his flying clothes. Therefore, he and Emily went to his room to get them. After they had left the room, Emily forgot something.

"You should go back to your room and put them on," she said. "Because you have to change in a private place." Therefore, he went back to his room. Closing the door behind him, he started changing. It felt funny wearing clothes that would not fold.

Then he came out of his room.

"You look very handsome!" shouted Emily, running to him to kiss him.

Then she gave him a little device and said, "This is called the 'Clothes Device.' Each button does something. But if you lose it, you can use your controller. Oh, can you wait for me please? I have to change too."

As a result, he waited for her. Then she came back with her flying clothes on. She looked extremely beautiful.

"Now," she said, "We could use one device for both of us. So we could move at the same speed." Next, she pointed her device at both of them and pressed the "fly" button, and they started flying.

"Wow!" shouted Joshua, who was flying right beside her. "This is really beautiful!"

Then they passed Brother Noah's office. As soon as he saw them, he called after them. So they returned to his door.

"Great job, Joshua and Emily!" he exclaimed, as they landed on the floor. "Well I need to talk to you this evening, Joshua. And I don't mind if you want to bring Emily with you, but you cannot bring anyone else, even if you choose not to bring her, because I don't mind her being with you when I'll be speaking."

"Okay, sir," replied Joshua frightfully. "But what time?"

"At six," replied Brother Noah." And you don't have to be afraid of anything. There's nothing wrong."

So they continued on their journey around the Holy Community building.

"What does he want from me?" Joshua whispered to Emily. "And why are you the only one who is allowed to come?"

"You don't want me to come?" she answered sadly.

"O this is not what I meant!" replied Joshua, who wanted to hug her but he couldn't, because they were flying. "I mean, what does he want to tell me that you're the only one who could know?"

"I don't know, dear," she replied. He felt happy again, because she said the word "dear," and that meant that she wasn't sad anymore.

That afternoon, Joshua and Emily were eating lunch when an old man was coming toward them. He almost looked like Mr. Baker, but he looked even more horrible.

"Hi, Joshua!" he said, giving his dirty hand to Joshua to shake it.

"My name is Mr. Lucifer. I'm from the Devilist Community. However, I like your people."

"Nice to meet you, sir," said Joshua, who was trying to sound happy, but he wasn't. He didn't really like meeting magicians. Well no one in New Jerusalem liked to talk to them anyway.

"Well I have to go now," said Mr. Lucifer. "But if you need anything, I am under your service."

After the man was gone, Joshua said to Emily, "And please don't return again."

Emily laughed. Then she smiled at him and explained, "Well the name 'Lucifer' is one of Satan's names."

"So were I talking to Satan then?" he asked, laughing."

"Of course not," Emily laughed back.

"Why do we call him Satan then?" asked Joshua.

So she continued her explanation, "Well, in the Hebrew language, the name 'Satan' means accuser. Before his fall, Satan would always accuse the other angels before the Lord. That's why we call him 'Satan' today. But 'Lucifer' is another name that we use for him."

"But what did he mean when he said that he likes my people?" Joshua asked curiously.

"I think he means the Christian people," replied Emily thoughtfully. "He can't say the word Christian, since it has the word Christ in it."

After they had finished eating their lunch, Joshua and Emily returned to their section. Samson and Isaac were drinking coffee and playing with the computers.

"Want to join us?" Samson asked Joshua kindly.

"Sure!" replied Joshua gladly. So he sat beside Samson.

Then Samson played a very beautiful hymn on his computer. Joshua loved it. So he asked, "Who's that singer?"

"Her name is Fairuz," responded Samson. "In the Arab World, there's a very famous singer named Fairuz. Everybody loves her music. So here in New Jerusalem, we have a similar singer who has the same name, but she sings in English instead of Arabic. I encourage you to listen to her in the morning, because you'll feel like you're in Heaven. She's the queen of the morning."

At five thirty that evening, Joshua and Emily were preparing to go to see Brother Noah. They didn't tell anyone about where they were going. Therefore, they knocked on his door. After they were inside, Brother Noah said to Joshua, "Do you know what you did last night?"

Joshua was full of fear now. Therefore, he answered, "No, sir."

Brother Noah smiled and said, "There's no reason for you to be afraid.

Do you know that you did a miracle last night?"

"A miracle?" replied Joshua, sounding shocked but excited at the same time, because he wasn't in trouble.

"Yes, a miracle," replied Brother Noah impatiently. "Do you remember when Mr. Satan fell to the floor?"

"Yes, sir," replied Joshua. "But I didn't do anything."

"Yes, you did," replied Brother Noah, smiling. "You used Jesus's name. Magicians can't hear Jesus's name. It hurts them a lot. So when you said Jesus's name in front of a Devilist, Mr. Satan fell down, because the name of Jesus is the most powerful name. That's why we use this name to fight against evil spirits. Many people use Jesus's name in front of magicians, but nothing happens, but when you used it, something did happen."


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