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Tags: Ong, Namo, Guru, Dev

The title 'Wahe Guru' is meant to mean:
Wahe; 'Awe EveryWhere' Guru; 'From Darkness to Light'
I hope you enjoy listening to the mantras here.
As for chapters they list as follows:
2) Om Hraum Mitraya
3) Om Mama Shivaya
4)when I was little
5) Om Purnam
6) Tumare Darshen
7) Chidanada Roopa
8)The Awakening chapter one
9)The awakening chapter two
10) Awakening 3

as you can see I have deleted some of the chapters and began anew. I wasn't satisfied with the way it was and am hoping this is better. View table of contents...


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I learned many mantras over the past few years but these are a few of my favorite I think because they are very easy and very powerful. Or at least I believe so.

Most of these were learned in 2004 and to this day I recieve great inspiration from them. The first one here fills me with a sense of gratitude and I feel through my entire body.

It means; 'I bow before my highest self' and it reads like this:

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.

in the sanscrit and hindi language the 'E' is pronounced like the long 'A' as in 'way' ............the 'O' is usually pronounced long. The 'A' is either as a short 'u' like in 'but' or it can be as the 'O' is in 'hot' This can be rather confusing at first but it doesn't take long at all to get to know the vowels. It is the cononants that take a longer time to know.... heee hee am still getting to know them ;)

Well many mantras are also meant to be spoken in the back of the throat or the nasal cavity. There are so many directions as to different mudras and sitting positions; visual techniques etc etc....if one just keeps reading it all comes together and soon you kind of just find your own.

A very simple mantra to repeat daily is this: 'Sat Nam' pronounced with the first a as the shortu and the second a as an o.

It means 'My true Identity' I repeat this constantly throughout many days off and on and all the while knowing that I am giving more light into the casual body that houses the individual soul.

This next one hear holds the 5 primal sounds within it which are S, T, N, M and A

it is also so very simple: Sa, Ta, Na, Ma meaning; infinity, life, death adn rebirth.

so you see so very simple so far yes?? ;-)

well there is a posture and a mudra along with a visualization that goes with this one and if it is practiced for one and a half hours every day for one and half years, it is said that you know all there is to know. I imagine that means on this plane of existance...I don't know....haha I had planned to do this many times but never did. After all an hour and a half for a year and a half is a pretty long time And well maybe to know just Everything wasn't all that important after all *^_^*

ok, lets see..this one here I absolutely love! it is a healing mantra and another so, SO very simple one but it is actually sung in a oh so very beautiful key/tune.

the first sound Raa means 'sun'

the second sound Maa means 'moon'

the third sound Daa means 'earth'

the fourth sound Saa means 'totality of experience'

'So' means 'personal sense of identity'

and 'Hung' means 'infinite vibration'

I don't have the meanings for 'Say'

So the mantra is sung like this: Raa, Maa, Daa, Saa; Saa, Say, So Hung

Darn I wish I could write a note scale here to show you the way it is sung.

The mantra in the song by Libby Rodrick is famous forIt's healing abilities.

This mantra is: Guru, Guru, Wahe Guru, Guru, Ram Das Guru.

As you know 'Guru' means from darkness to light and 'Wahe' means 'Awe EveryWhere' Ram Das was one of Sikh Gurusin the 16th century. He helped to biuld the golden temple and he was known for his healing powers, compassion and humility. the word 'Ram' is also another word for god, and 'Das' means 'service'

This mantra can be played on a tape recorder all night long for a sick child.

The mantra 'Wahe Guru' alone is considered the mantra of ecstacy. It is said to stimulate the pituitary gland.

Some of these mantras when repeated for me especially the one; Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, there is felt this warmth that becomes inside of you. It is just totally awesome. When you are in these states of consciousness; of this all pervading knowing that is unexplainable it just circulates inside you.

This next mantra means: "There is one creative force Who's true essence is great beyond description" it goes like this:

"Ek Ong Kar, Sat Nam Siri, Wahe Guru"

This next one is said to mean: "God is in every cell of my body" or "God is alive in every cell of my body" it goes like this:

Ang Sang Wahe Guru

see very simple ;-)

here is a powerful one that I don't think I've ever used...

"Ong, Ong, Ong, Ong; Sohung, Sohung, Sohung, Sohung"

it means "The creator is within"

Well, I think that is enough for now....just very simple and yet So very powerful.You have realise that many of these mantras have been repeated so many times by great gurus, sages, yogis, saints etc etc that they are instilled with vibrations that work withyou even if you have no idea what so ever of thier meanings.

Sound is such an important tool for healing. We are coming to know this more and more, especially since there are more people now with the capabilities of 'sounding' which means, they are able to create the exact sound vibrations to affect instant healings.

Ok I am spent for now....until we meet again...areeeva der chi......heee heee I know I spelled that wrong ;-)


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