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Jackie has had a rough life. Being the mother of three children, and now pastoring a church... she tried to find time to live. After going through an abusive marriage to her children's father, she meets the man of her dreams who comes into her life and gives her everything she needs. After becoming ill due to stress her children's father comes back into the picture in hopes of reconciling his family. View table of contents...


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"Bishop, why are you acting like this? I don't know what I'm going to do with you." Jackie said, laughing hysterically. She had just gotten married to the renowned Bishop Ronald Sparks. After eight months of dating, the Lord spoke to him and told him that she was to be his wife.

They met after a revival she had done at his mother's church. All throughout the service she would catch him eyeing her. She smiled at him periodically to let him know that she acknowledged him. After service that night, Bishop Sparks walked up to her and glanced at her hand right before greeting her. He was glad to not have seen a ring on her finger, even though he had already assumed she wasn't married considering her acknowledgements before her sermon. She never said anything about having a husband. She went from God, to her pastor, and then her three children.

"Woman of God, you are a power bomb. Devil you betta watch out, it's a new sheriff in town." Ronald greeted her.

"I give God the Glory, Bishop Sparks. I take no credit; I'm just a vessel willing to be used." She responded.

"I hear you Pastor Williams." Bishop said playfully. Jackie started laughing. No one ever addressed her by her last name. It was either "Pastor J", "Pastor Jackie", or "Pastor JW". Bishop

began to laugh as well. He wasn't sure why, but he wanted to join in too.

After greeting her, he kindly stepped aside and allowed everyone to do the same. Some hugged her, some shook her hand and held a diminutive conversation, and some just smiled. Once he realized the line was ending, he politely walked over to the steps where she was standing, and he stood still behind her until the last person was finished.

"Oh, hi, I didn't know you were still here." She whispered wondering why he was standing so closely behind her.

"Yes ma'am, I was waiting around to see if maybe you and I could talk sometime." Ronald sounded as nervous as Jackie did.

"Do you have a card?" Jackie asked.

Ronald patted his chest and then his front pocket searching for his wallet. When he felt it in his back pocket, he pulled it out and gave her his business card.

"This is the name of my church, 'New Life Ministries Inc.' this is my office number, my fax, and home numbers. He pointed to and explained the contents on the card. "Oh, wait a second. He reached in his coat pocket to get an ink pen. Jackie stood patiently and quietly. "Here is my cell phone number. You can always reach me there. He wrote and recited his cellular device number. "777-5215, there you go." He said as he handed the card to her.

"Okay, thank you sweetheart. God bless you and I'll be in touch. Jackie innocently responded.

Three days later they began talking, spending time together, and learning each other. They found out that they had so much in common. They both had recently gone through a dreadful divorce and were just beginning to rebuild their lives.

Jackie was a twenty-eight year old single parent. She was the mother of three children. Brandi, who was nine years old, Brittany, was six, and Brandon had just turned two years old. All Ronald came out of his marriage with was a broken heart. His wife had not been able to conceive and his dream was to one day have at least one child of his own.

~5 years later~



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