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By: poewhit

Chapter 1, Pilgrim seeker of life and GOD.

            THE   BEGGER                    POEWHIT

Chap I         [  God & Universe ]

       Where can one stand alone in the universe. To find a spot where there is absence of GOD. GOD is all in the universe. GOD is bigger than the universe, being part of all.

        A living energy which encompasses all. Knows all and created all that is about. Finding the nested corners for eternal life. Feeling a remoteness, which is the presence of GOD.

       Eternal energy along with eternal matter. Never ceasing in its infinite being. Finding its place in a presence of GOD. Being a living energy, which fills all of eternal life.

        Pulsating upon the merry rhythm\\\'s of life. Calling into being the presence and awareness of GOD. This, GOD, of the Holy Fathers. This, GOD, found in eternal order. Calling to the mortal human and soul, to repent.

        Finding the goodness and the sacred holiness of chosen order. That order of formed order, which goes beyond the casement of time. Yet, enfolds time as a part of the living GOD. Forming the foundation of the earth, along with the creation of the universe. Altering matter and energy. Thus forming all reality. That reality, which is part of today\\\'s realism. Part of the living energy of GOD. Placed at this moment in time and space.

         Watching and looking at that which grew out of the firmament. Finding its groping ways into the realism of today\\\'s reality. A reality which finds its reality in GOD and all of eternity. Songs which play in the twilight of our gifted mortal souls..

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