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a young couple's quest for God. i came up with this idea when i was writing and still trying to finish write the essay about the misconception of God View table of contents...


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chapter one

sage williams had it all a great husband who was one of the island's leading doctors, a promising adversting company and great friends until one day her husband darrel found God and decided to became a pastor. sage stopped believing in God a long time ago, when God let her mother abandoned her and her silbings and let her dad kill himself. sage didn't believe God exist and if she thought he did he was a cruel and dictaroil deity.

sage's world as she knew it was about to come apart. darrel wasn't given up his medical career completly , he was just closing his private practice and he decided to work at the public hosptial. darrel had come from a strong christian background his father was a pastor and his mother the daughter of one.

darrel when he was at universtity gave up his faith and believed that God didn't exist. darrel found God on a plane . he was travelling to new york on to vist his sister when the plane was hijacked. during that ordeal the hijackers killed the pilots and then themselves leaving the plane to fed for it's self.

everyone that was on the airline thought they were going to die. everyone was screaming to God. christians were praying and singing praises to Jesus, muslims praying to allah, hindius crying out krishina's name but darrel met one little boy darrel couldn't remember his name , that little boy was cancer ridden but yet even though he was going to die his faith in God was unbelievable.

�that little boy sat close to darrel , his parents were at the back of the plane and the hijackers had murdered the nurse that was taken care of him darrel decided to talk him a little

�" you don't look scared young man"

there's no reason be frighten the liitle boy replied

�you're not fighten one bit?

�no the boy answered

�our plane is going down and we are going to die and you are not one bit frighten? darrel said in disbelief

and the little boy replied to darrel i'm going to died whether or not this plane goes down

�darrel still in shock said you not going to die your too young you have your whole life ahead of you. he said even though the boy looked sickly to him

i might die he said because i have cancer but it doesn't matter to me because i'm going to see Jesus and at that J word darrel suddenly became silent

and then the little boy asked darrel can� you pray with me


yes pray with me� the boy insisted

ok said darrel� . darrel had prayed in years

i don't know what to say darrel said

and the little boy smiled and said i'll show you how

and he began to pray

dear God

i ask you bless my� mom and dad

i ask you bless me lord

i ask you to protect us

and save us from� death

God i know you have many things to do

and many people to save

but i ask you to guide this jet safely

God i know you are� too busy

but i ask you to give someone the gift to fly this plane

and lord if we have to see you in heaven

please let it be quick and painless

in jesus name amen

�oh i almost forgot God

bless this nice man with me


and all darrel did� was a say soft amen

and as soon as he said this

a man who said he� was a pilot went into�� pilot longuge and started to fly the plane

and he got a whole of air controls and in two hours they had landed safely on the

JFK airport

as darrel went through� customs and immigration he� decided to search for� that little boy

but the little boy was nowhere to be seen

so he asked follow passengers and told him about the boys nurse and boy

but everyone he spoke said the hijackers didn't kill anyone and they saw no sickle boy on the airplane.

darrel was devasted when he got to his sister's mary house and told her his experience she said� in all his odreal he imagined the whole thing but darrel knew he didn't. he then realized it was God that was talking to him and showing him how to pray and that was when he gave his life to christ.

when he told sage she was livid. she couldn't believe he had fall for that christian nonsense.

darrel never thought sage would� be that upset he knew she hated God for all what happen to her but didn't expect this reaction.

at the dinner table sage was still upset at darrel for his conversion and his decision to became a pastor

darrel how� could you do this to me?

do what to you sage he said calmly

accept God and his "risien" son she said saracastically

sage don't be saractistic he said

why not darrel i cann't became a pastor's wife

don't do this he said to his wife

don't do what she said harshly

and then the phone rang and it was his mother

his mother esther was escatic about him giving hisl ife to Christ, everyone was except sage

sage didn't want to be angry with her husband. she loved darrel so much but God abandonned her in all what she went through

she decided to go to bed maybe all this was a dream or maybe darrel would change his mind

darrel i'm going to bed early she told him

mom hold on� he then covered the phone sage we need to talk about this

no darrel i'm tired we'll talk about this tomoorow

and she went up to her� room

darrel just shook his head sadly and went back on the phone talking to his mother


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