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What if I told you that there is a life after death?

Aria is dead. Now she has to face the feared Day Of Judgement.
Whether she is placed in Heaven or Hell.
Where is Heaven and where is Hell?
Wouldn't you like to know?
What is it like in Heaven and what is it like in hell?
Let me tell you and answer these questions... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 22, 2012    Reads: 46    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Don't you wonder?

What happens after you die? Do you become a ghost, haunting an area? Do you go to the 'other side'? Do you get reincarnated, living on the earth as someone else? Or do You go to heaven or hell, depending on your sins?

What is Heaven? Is it a place full of clouds, with angels and harps, where you stay peacefully, getting all you want? Is it just trying again? Or is it a place like what you would call 'home,' where you live in happiness with those you love?

What is Hell? Is it a life of punishment, where you pay for all your sins? Is it a fiery prison, where you burn in fire, suffering in pain? Or is it a place, where temperatures exceed that of the sun, where you repent your sins.

Well, what if I told you there's a life after death?

what if I told you that Hell is a prison, hotter than the sun, where you burn in immortal flames for the rest of eternity, never numbing to the pain, and your skin heals the burns, only to be burned again.

What if I told you that Heaven is actually in this universe, which is vast and far, where you live on the planets, starting a new 'earth-like' world of your own.

What if I told you that, after death, you are in a sort of limbo, where you stay until the Day Of Judgement, already being judged on how you lived.

What if I told you what The Day Of Judgement will be. What if I told you how the world will end?

Would you like to know?


Did you know? Life is just a test. A test in which you are tested by God on how well you live. Will you believe in god and be loyal to him until the day you die, or will you stray from your path and onto the one which Satan placed for you?

What if I told you that a majority of humans are actually going on the path of Satan, and you may be one of them.

Did you know? Heaven may be in the universe. Heaven may be the universe, where the planets you are sent to are your 'heaven,' where you start your own world.

What if I told you that after you die, you go into limbo.

Did you know? That there is life after death.

It's a life where you live freely, with no sins. After this exam, which they call 'this life', we will all be marked on our sins and good deeds.

Do you want to know?

That, when the world ends, there will be a huge earthquake, which will flatten the earth and kill everyone. Then, the angel of death will blow its horn, signalling every human, jinn and animal that has ever lived on earth to awake. Everyone that has passed puberty will be in the prime age of humans. Late 20s to early 30s.

Then, we will be asked: how long did you live?

Our answer will be: only a few days…?

When, in fact, we only lived a few milliseconds. The day when the world ends, the day of judgement, will last as long as 50million of our earth years, and the sun will remain up, and we will be made to weigh out deeds. Our sins which are recorded by the angel on our left shoulder, and our good deeds which are recorded by the angel on our right shoulder. If the book of sins is heavier, you will be given the book in your left hand. If your good deeds weigh more, then you will receive the book in your right hand.

Do you want to know what may happen to you after you die?

Keep going and find out. It may not be what you want or expected. So keep going. Lets see where you go.

Chapter 1

I hopped onto my bike and sped off faster than I usually would. I'm on the fifth gear, pedalling at full speed. I'm late for my part-time work because class let out a bit late. Great, isn't it?

I truly think this world hates me. But you get what you get and you gotta live with it.

Or so I say.

"Outta my way!!!" I screamed, darting between cars and making it to a bike track. I'm almost there when I hear a loud noise and a shadow falls over me. Looking behind me ever so slightly, I see a large trailor truck falling on me. Then comes the obvious crushing pain, which only lasted a second before time slowed and I saw anything and everthing I have ever done in my 19 years of life. eating, talking, fighting, yelling, hurting, laughing, playing... everything. I come to realise the amount of sins I have commited throughout my life. Desperately, I took this final chance and once more asked for forgiveness for my sins. Its all I can do. Now I can hear distant, muffled shouts, noises. Sirens, talking, no, yelling... And I feel myself being lifted.


I feel that I'm in a coffin. Or I think I am. Its only about my height and width. This small, cramped box, designed to hold the dead, Or in this case, me. I know I'm dead. Its obvious. No one can survive being crushed like that. I can feel myself being lowered now. aha.. burial. You may wonder, how can I feel or hear anything if I'm dead? Its because my soul is still here. Still alive. Still in this body, which no longer works, which is broken.

All I know now is that I must wait. And until then, I guess I'm in a bit of what you'd call 'limbo'. Timeless space between the two dimensional lives. The first life, the test, is short, people die. But in the next life, there is no such thing as death. You live forever, or until God decides another fate. If humans are so important this time around, then we'll probably be used for something else, maybe another species, or something else, but it will be big. I have figured out that much.

But why it is like that, I don't know. I would like to know, but we humans have a limited knowledge. If you wonder, those in hell will suffer until God decides another fate.

But remember this. This is all planned out my God. All things happen for a reason.

The groundrumbling sound of the horn let me know that the angel of death has blown the horn, causing an earthquake so large, it flattens the earth and kills any living life.

The day has come.

The angel blows his horn again, causing me to whip back into my body, which is now in its mid-30s. Like everyone else. This age is the prime of the human.

Well, enough chit-chat. The test will now commence.


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