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I Did It Just For You

By: AMS1971

Page 1, Christ was ridiculed, hunted, labeled a blasphemer, spit on, beaten and executed as a common criminal...and He went through it all to save us. One is compelled to ask Him - Why?




Why did they do it? Condemn you to death.

They didn't know that, For this reason you were sent.


(Why did You do it? Stand there in silence.

Alone in their courts, No one for your defense.)


Why did they do it? Spit in your face.

Was it really necessary, For such added disgrace?


(Why did You do it? Let their spittle touch your skin.

Just looked silently on as The soldier wiped his jeering grin.)


Why did they do it? Mock you with false praise.

Couldn't they see the truth, Deep in your tear-filled gaze?


(Why did You do it? Allow such contempt.

Suffering through the scorn Until their fun was spent.)


Why did they do it? Burden you with a cross.

They couldn't have known it Would become a symbol to the lost.


(Why did You do it? It must have weighed so much.

How did you bear up under it? Were you strengthened by Your love?)


Why did they do it? Crucify you with thieves.

What did they think when One said, "Lord, remember me."


(Why did You do it? Accept that sinner's plea.

Offer him those precious words, "In paradise, you'll be with me.")


Why did they do it? Mock you from below.

Wasn't dying enough? Did they need more of a show?


(Why did You do it? Cry, "Father, forgive them."

How could such mercy be spent On the likes of mortal men?)


Why did they do it? Pierce your sacred flesh.

When blood and water flowed, Did they reevaluate your death?


(Why did You do it? Come to this hateful place to die.

I try to understand it, But I just cannot see why.)


Why did they do it? Seal off your tomb.

What were they afraid of? Were they afraid of the Truth?


(Why did You do it? Travel through the bowels of Hell.

It's said you freed the captives, So in Heaven they could dwell.)


Why do we do it? Deny you to this day.

Now more than ever, We need your saving grace.


(Why did you do it? Lord, I'm still confused.

Your answer stills my heart, "I did it just for you.")

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