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It's a poem about animals, man, Mother Earth and God. Is the Earth really coming to an end? This is what the "Wise old Owl"
thinks about that!

Submitted:Jun 28, 2012    Reads: 204    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

Jack went for a walk
and talked to an owl
how wise the owl could be,
with little ears to hear
and eyes so big
he could see everything there is to see.
He told the owl how scared he
was the world may be coming to an end,
the owl chuckled underneath his breath
and tried to comfort his dear,old friend.
"I've heard the rumors that have been told
and I'm a wise old owl I am,
I can tell you the reasons why I believe
that this is nothing but a scam.
Please sit down on that bench over there
you're looking weary before your time,
maybe I can say something here that would
ease your troubled mind."
Jack took the seat the owl pointed out
and was as grateful as can be,
once Jack sat down the owl flew over
and sat directly on his knee.
Jack looked at the owl with a puzzled look
as a tear trickled out of its eye,
Jack felt sorry and hurt for him
he certainly didn't mean to make the old owl cry.
The owl broke the silence and coughed a bit
as he began the story of the Eagle,
he looked around and quieted his tone
as if what they were discussing was illegal.
"I'm surprised you weren't here late last night
with that screaching bird about,
The Sky got so mad at the Eagle that he
tried to blow him all about.
The Eagle went on to screech and hollar,
how he flew high enough to the stars to see,
that he knew what Man was talking about
it was as plain as it could be.
The planets were lining up in a line
ready to swallow Mother Earth,
It would kill all of mankind
and take them for what they're worth.
I shook my head at the screaching bird
and bowed in silent prayer,
I didn't know if the animals would listen to me
or even if they cared.
I asked the animals that were listening
if they actually believed that Bird,
or did they read their Bible and understand
the worth of our God's word?
He said He would protect us and forgive us
of our sins,
He would never again let what happened to us
happen all over again.
He gave the ultimate sacrifice
to save those that were already here,
So we could live on for generations,
making history year after year.
He invented the beautiful Rainbow
as his symbol of peace,
To tell us the destruction was over
and all the water would soon cease.
Why would a God so wonderful
destroy everything he built in scorn,
To let these teenagers grow up
and to still let babies be born?
Jack looked down at the wise old owl,
still perched up on his knee,
his facts were very convincing
and decided to leave it be.
He didn't want to upset the owl
by anymore fairy tale chit chat.
He petted the owl on the top of the
head and decided to leave it at that,
"You're a wise old owl you are you are,
A wise old owl indeed!
My name is Jack Edward Penticote if you ever
find yourself in need."
With that he tipped his hat
and bid the wise old owl Adieu,
Jack Edward had never felt better about life
his faith in God renewed.


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