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I will Go

By: Arena

Page 1, A tugging, an aching... but is that all it is?

I will Go
Arena Hunter


My back is turned--
what's the point?

My tears are halting--
why go on?

Yet, somehow,
Now I can't write this:
To go on ranting
About things that
Have already passed.

I am lonely,
but feel a comfort.

I see no hope,
yet I feel the Light.

Or are those feelings?
Could it be something else?

I feel the Spirit calling,
beckoning with mercy's hand.

This can't be true!
It's a thing of olden tales!

Or are these stories?
How can I know?

I am lost, confused,
But I want to respond
to that comforting voice.

I feel too weak--

He is looking at me fondly,
that angel of the Spirit--
Now what can I do
but answer?

I want to,
But it is painful...
To leave one's current life,
though overwhelming it may be,
To grasp something new,
To leave upon impulse.

But I must.

He is calling.
He is reaching.

I cannot let Him
do all of this
for nothing.

I will go.

I will travel the unknown,
Seeking His favor...

My weak and small
choice of payment
For His abiding love.

I will go.

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