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Motorcycle nirvana

By: Bruben

Page 1, About riding and learning from mother nature

Summer has come, its that time again
The scorching sun burning everything on its way.
People resorting to the comfort of their homes, hiding from the fury of the sun.
But i had something different in mind.
The time has come for me to be free, embracing the sun in all its glory.
Riding high through the open highways
Making love to my motorcycle
With the thumping music coming from the long exhaust,
Vibration of the engine between my legs.
Reflection of the sun on the chrome
partially blinding my vision, makin the ride more thrilling.
As i ride along with my bike
Embracing nature in all her extremes.
The more i let the sun feel me,
The more i felt at ease.
Though sweating like a pig under the leather jacket,
My soul was at peace and at ease.
I hit the hills not to escape the sun,
But wanting to ride on a different terrain.
Oh beautiful twisties with amazing tarmac,
surrounded by green beds and open sky
any bikers dream route i am sure.
As and when i was riding the hills,
Mother nature blessed me with yet another extreme.
Cold wind hitting my face as i was riding high,
Thick fog blinding my vision, making the ride more thrilling.

Feeling like riding or rather flying high up in the sky
As i ride along with my bike
embracing nature in all her beauty
I thought to myself the things people at home are missing.
Nature showing me both hell nd heaven,
all in a days ride.
And i continue riding along with nature,
Learning nd experiencing everything she has to offer

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