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That moment of silence

By: Bruben

Page 1, It is about the whirlwind of emotions and feelings controling our life and how we can overcome it if we listen to that drop of silence... or in the nothingness

Blood rising, anger turning into rage;
A state where the emotion controling the body.

The mind about to explode, like an untamed wild elephant;

Wanting to crush everything, wanting to kill everything and anything on the way.

The earth trembling under the feet,
Its about time the rage turns into a tornado
of destruction and complete annihilation

As and when this soul was giving in to the rage,
A drop of silence came from nowhere.

Though a drop, in that silence subsided the explosion.
The silence slowly grew, consuming everything in the process, even the mind.

Like a tornado needing air for its survival,
The rage needs mind for its existence.

Suddenly everything seemed so peaceful and calm,
Like a serene beach with gentle breeze.

Experiencing the ecstacy of the mindless being,
Thanking that single drop of silence....

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