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A Pumpkin Jesus Style

By: CalsJoy

Page 1, When your carving a pumpkin, there is lots of things in common between a pumpkin and Jesus


Pumpkins are picked from the patch
Jesus picks us-We are His #1 match!   
Then pumpkins are all cleaned out
Jesus cleans us up and we don't have to doubt
Then we have fun by carving them
Start out by cutting around the stem
Then we begin to draw or trace
And then cut out the face
Then there was a cool day
Where Jesus carved us a special way
Made us all into a unique design
He says "I love you and you're mine"
Once we have finished cutting it
We put a candle in that is lit
It makes it shine bright
Making it light up the night 
Like a pumpkin, Jesus wants us glow
So that people can see Him, you know?
We are called to be the light to everyone
So that people know He is the One and only Son

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