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Love Always And Forever

By: CalsJoy

Page 1, Love keeps on loving, never ends, has no limits and much more!


Love is always kind
Doesn't judge the blind
Helps people that are left behind
Has its own kind of mind
Love is not proud
Doesn't brag out loud
Or make others life like a storm cloud
And doesn't call attention to a big crowd
Love always protects
Makes others the #1 subjects
Doesn't reject and always respects
And is focused on God's projects
Love always trusts
Never lies or lusts
Helps out the unjust
Also has God as its thrust
Love never fails
Doesn't chose heads or tails
Never puts people on judging scales
Is always on God's trails
Love doesn't boast
Loves people from coast to coast
Isn't like a bragging host
Plus is filled with the Holy Ghost
Love is happy and rejoices
Makes the right choices
Uses the right tone and voices
And doesn't use people as devices
Love doesn't keep a record
Is always on God's board
Giving other people the reward
And is in the house of the Lord
Love is never selfish
Serving others the better dish
Doesn't smoosh or squish
Goes around granting people's wish
Love doesn't speak poorly
Isn't always, "me, me, me."
Helps you find your hidden key
It sure is a tremendous place to be!
Love is always bright
Encourages to fly higher than a kite
Is always there for you to hold on tight
God is love-He is watching over you day and night
Love is looking out of the scope
Looking for people on the slope
Hands them the climbing rope
And gets them cleaned up like soap!
Love has no limits
Always forgives and admits
Makes sure that your shoe fits
Never gives up or quits
Love keeps on loving and never ends
Help people around all the turns and bends
Always lifts up and never offends
Love is one of people's best friends

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