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Goodbye i hate to say

By: Calzzy

Page 1, Just read on,i was thinking one morning abt a movie i watched,the preachers kid,and this idea just came into my head,wah was going through angies mind when devon was acting all weird,well read on friend :D

Take me as i am mister if i'm everything,im sure not the worst sinner, you claim to hate me but when you close your eyes i know its me you see, twas so glad the feeling the love we had that was the devils making, until you began to fantascize things that i couldnt give no matter how much you critiscized. i was a christain how could i possibly dump my beliefs for your own gain. But i guess you didnt see reason, did you even see anything at all without crimson. Probably you did not cos if you had you still wouldnt have sought. Im sorry for not being all that you thought and am sorry above all for not giving you all you want but i have to go back to my daddy whom i had lost. goodbye i hate to say,to you and this world i came to stay.......

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