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A Chess Game!!

By: ClareAnderson30896

Page 1, Be proud of being different!! =D

People will stare and look and point, talk behind my back and ignore me, but they don't know. They don't know that I am me.  I can't change who I am. I might be different and to them weird, but it only makes me stronger. They are only pointing because they are scared, they don't have anything to be scared about, i won't hurt them. But if some ones different people fear them. If someone doesn't fit in they look. And they can keep looking no one will bring me down, take me away because i am a believer. I belong here as much as you.   So point, laugh and spit at my feet but when i look in the mirror  I'm proud to be me, I'm proud to stand here and say 'this is now a checkerboard world.'

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