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Osiris's Cube

By: dibbledabble

Page 1, This is my entry for Lady Blacks shapes competition. It is based on Egyptian Mythology and the God Osiris. There a parallels with the the christian belief in heaven and The father, Son and Holy Spirit (Osiris, Horus and Isis) The shape is cube, the sytle of the poem is a 6 stanza 36 lines. Each two lines rhyming have a go, I am sure Lady Black will be delighted with a few more entries

Osiris’s Cube

Osiris was squarely tricked

A beautiful cube Seth had picked.

For his brother it was a perfect fit

A party game turned assassin hit.

Sealed inside Osiris met his doom

The Nile and the box his watery tomb.


Isis distraught and full of woe

Vowed to the river she would go.

From her search she did not cower

Found her king amidst scented flower.

Worked as a maid, the box to earn

So with his corpse she could return.


Osiris’s return sent Seth in raging fits

So cut his brother into fourteen bits.

Into the Nile dismembered he was flung

For Isis once more a grizzly search had begun.

With thirteen parts recovered and mummified

By Isis, the phallus-less Osiris was immortalized.


Though ascended to heaven there was a twist

An event that lefts Seth more than a little bit miffed.

Queen Isis fell pregnant with Osiris’s son

Horus, a virgin birth by miraculous conseption.

The throne was Horus’s in principle

Though battles with Seth were continual.


From cube to cross it’s comparable

Its planes laid flat a cross is visible.

Osiris died in his box, Jesus upon the cross

Ascending to heaven, their mortal coil they toss.

Horus and Jesus share an impossible feat

A virgin birth that Christianity repeats.


Six verses of six lines for Osiris’s cube

A mythological message to conclude.

Man has believed for as long as can be told

The good of this world heaven we will behold.

But for as long as we toil on this earth

Our battles with ‘our Seths’ will have merit and worth.

By Dibs

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