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An Addict's Prayer

By: Matthew Zabala

Page 1, This is a prayer written by someone who personally knows the harsh consequences of habitual drug use, and the rewards of living a saved, and sober life.

My Prayer

Lord before I thank you for this day

There's just a few things I want to say

Please watch over my family, friends, and all that I love

Keep your protection over them from your throne up above

Lord help me be the man that you want me to be

And let me realize the potential that IS inside of me

God keep me safe and keep me clean

Help me to stay calm and never be mean

I could be in jail or even somewhere worse

I could be on the way to my grave in the back of a hearse

But you changed all that - you set me free

By casting out the devil that was inside of me

So thank you for this day once again

In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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