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The Forbidden Deal

By: Matthew Zabala

Page 1, This is a poem about someone unknowingly selling their soul to the devil.

The Forbidden Deal

What are these shadows that I see

Are they real - Or is it just me?

Light fades out and darkness closes in

Happiness disappears and hope spreads thin


I close my eyes so visions have free reign

Who are you to tell me I'm insane

So you hold your future in your hands?

Well I'm the one who breaks those plans


Listen close and you will hear

That tiny voice inside your ear

Your dreams will come true, but there's a price

Just sign right here - that will suffice


Go have fun, the clock starts now

You'll know I'm coming when you hear the howls

Time's up. Did you reach your goals?

Doesn't matter to me - I own your soul


I'll torture you and make you scream

Some deals just aren't as good as they seem

You should've prayed. You should've been wise

Now you're stuck with me because of my lies


Well, atleast it's always warm down here

It's only for eternity - have no fear

We'll be best friends, you and I

You probably should've thought of that before you got high

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