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Prayer for the Fallen

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, A poem for all those who have loved ones fighting and loved ones who have died in the fight for freedom and peace. God bless us all.

The prayer he delivered
was short and sweet.
It was filled with words
of victory and defeat.

He at the podium
with a bowed head.
His voice did tremble
as these words he read.

“In remembrance of those
who in the past that died
for their loved ones
and the tears they cried.

We ask You to bless those
lost in freedom's fight
from the time of our forefathers
to those killed in Iraq's plight.

Bless those dear Lord
who did give their lives
to protect this nation,
our homes, children, and wives.

Watch over us all
forgive each sin and defect.
Cleanse our hearts
and overlook our neglect.

Prepare a place
for all the brave ones taken.
We ask this Father
though at times You are forsaken.

Let us grow stronger
so we might triumph again.
We ask this all

in Jesus' name. Amen.”

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