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Tempest(My Creator)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, To He who loves us all. Glory to His name.

There across the sunlit sky I felt You,
and all Your glory to me was revealed.
Your face was like a solemn vision
though Your eternal beauty was concealed.

Dark clouds rolled in waves of anger,
and I could scarce see Your approach.
All light had left the massive heavens
as the tempest did proceed and broach.

I, your humble servant did await You,
There upon the sea's rocky distal shore
and I trembled at Your righteous fury.
You did shake that innermost core.

My fevered head I bowed in supplication
to You my God, to You, the subjugator.
Yes, there I stood and spied Your power
and marveled at the glory of my Creator.

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