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The Tree of Sorrows

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, It is said when we die before God renders judgement He allows us to walk around the Tree of Sorrows. We are told if we had someone else\'s life to live which would we choose. Upon seeing the pain others have had we decide maybe our life was not so bad after all.

Beneath the tree of sorrows her heart opened wide,
and she found the wisdom which had been denied.
She gazed upon the feelings which she never felt
and those sad hands of fate that others were dealt.

From beneath the tree of Sorrows she walked,
renewed, refreshed, to Destiny’s wind she talked.
All life’s heartaches and each bitter tender tear,
had vanished mysteriously so too had her fear.

Then somewhere across the Sky of Eternity,
that elusive vision of hope she now did see.
She smiled as she viewed those lifes up above
and realized how generous had been the love.

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