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What Love is (for BrianW)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, In I Corinthians Chapter 13 Verses 1-13 love is explained to the Church and followers of Christ. I did not write it as beautifully as it is stated there, but this is what I perceive love to be. This is for a special booksie member BrianW to me he holds to the standards of what I consider love to be.

Love is always patient and kind
it fills the heart and soothes the mind.
Love is never angry or loud
but rather peaceful as death's shroud.
Love is never vengeful or vain
but overcomes ignorance and pain.
Love is perpetual and growing
unheard, unseen as wind blowing.
Love does not envy or conspire.
Love is so much more than desire.
As a child I perceived love all wrong
I believed it to be some word in a song
but now I see beyond man's philosophy
for God's radiance has shined on me.

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