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You are the Reason

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, Thank you Lord for the love you give to me Your humble servant

I have walked through the shambles of my life.
Tried to eradicate chaos, but made a mess.
Fought back the bitterness, dealt with the strife.
Lost the battle many times, won less and less.

I tried to fight all those battles on my own.
Fell off my pedestal and covered every lie.
I looked around one day, found I was all alone.
I built all the excuses, used every alibi.

Somewhere in the darkness You found me.
Your gentle voice did call my name.
You gave me strength, solved every mystery.
Seems now, I'll never be the same.

It's by Your grace that I can survive.
My faith in You will see me through.
You are the reason why I'm alive.
I praise Your name! How I love You!

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