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I'll know when I'm in Heaven

By: NoS482

Page 1, Heaven is to me, what is it to you. How I would see heaven.

I’ll know when I’m in Heaven

I’ll know when I’m in Heaven when my relatives I loved and passed away greet me with open arms at the gates of heaven.

Where things unknown are known finally.

Where I bow to God on the Holy thrown and get to see Jesus and give him a big bear hug like a loved family member I haven’t seen in a while.

Where I can hop on an old school custom chopper and ride never having to fill up for gas and the roads and scenery go forever, and it never breaks down.

Where I can grab a surfboard and ride the waves forever never falling or breaking one in half.

Where I can look down at my family on earth and watch over them and wait for their journey here some day.

Where I can play my guitar praising the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as loud as I want and not worrying about it being too loud.

Where I never thirst, hunger, or get tired.

Where there is no hatred, discrimination, or racism.

Where there are only good things.

By Nos482 06-21-08

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