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Silver Hawk Soaring

By: NoS482

Page 1, Admire the simple things in life. God\'s creation

Silver hawk soaring

Beautiful blue sky above on a hot summer day.

Sitting out strumming on my guitar trying to make a song.

Silver hawk flying through the blue sky above searching as it soars lower and lower, closer and closer.

I had to stop my strumming and admire it as it flies.

Flying overhead it fans out like a glider and circles over me to say hello.

Soaring so free like its in perfect harmony with the wind and sky.

The wind blows kissing its wings as it circles above my head.

The sun lights it’s wings showing every detail of its white and silvery grey lines.

The hawk leaves gracefully dancing with the wind as it caresses the hawk.

And it reminds me of the day I had a red tailed hawk land 12 feet above me in the tree I was deer hunting from.

Both hunters in harmony watching for our prey.

15 to 20 minutes went by before it started to fly.

Chasing a squirrel down below.  

And yesterday I saw an eagle fly so high above in the sky above small as a dot  in the sky and I wonder how many other people notice such things that go on everyday.

By nos482 07-25-2010

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