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We don't speak of him; we speak around him. For a moment, let us question him.

Submitted:Jul 21, 2011    Reads: 355    Comments: 105    Likes: 31   

My divine Almighty,

My ever-so gracious Lord,

I come today

with a curious inquiry.

You have shaped humanic life;

You have provided worldly partnership

In the distinct forms of fauna and flora.

Intrinsically, you are a breeder,

Rearing nothing-

Non-visible, disjoint particles of flying debris-

To younglings,

Compact adolescents shining brilliantly

Within your never-ending, cloudless light.

You are owed the congratulatory thanks

For painting the vivid pictures

Of never-before-seen creatures,

With the ability

To process breath and life.

Consequently, cannot it easily be taken-

AW! The question rears its head

From the motherly canal-

That you, our heavenly Savior,

Are none other than a woman?

Scientific verisimilitudes

And mathematical theories aside

(For a moment),

simply your demeanor exudes

of a most common,

Stereotyped fair maiden.

Firstly, your light is the symbol,

The very match that ignites


Only a woman could possibly hold

The true harness to capture,

Retrieve, suspect, emote,

And shade the hues of love.

You share, with open arms,

This love to all,

Like a free-flowing fountain

Pouring love without a noticeable drought in sight.

Secondly, you play the role of protector

When it comes to every earthly regard,

Very much like a doting mother to her children.

You appear to be

A compassionate woman

Who has found her maternal role

And filled it beautifully and eloquently.

As protector,

And similarly to a woman,

You tend to rule-

And I apologize before I even speak-

With your emotions,

As shown by the highs and lows

Of current tides.

One day, all is peaceful

In the lands;

The very next,

A tsunami acts as your hand,

In which you take back all that has been given out.

You are a heart-led, omnipotent


Which can be said also

For the women of our time.

Thirdly, the contour

And iridescent beauty of the human dollhouse

You have created

Speaks of an innate quality

Of femininity.

Your Earth, this world,

Is gentle

And unhinged

By mankind's journey for power.

This world works harmoniously;

There is a clockwork

And tender mechanics

To the construction of this utopia,

Only like a woman could have put together.

Commonsensical reality apart,

Let us conclude this inquisition

By proving a theorem,

Putting to rest the claims

By opposition and naysayers.

The laws of basic syllogisms

Say that once a contrapositive is proven true,

The coinciding, conditional statement is true.

The statement:

If you are a woman,

You welcome the image of your progeny.

The contrapositive:

If you do not welcome the image of your progeny,

Then you are not woman.

This latter statement

Rings the church bells of truth,

As we all know the mother

Has the genetic imprint of human birthright.

Strict adherence to the laws

Of discrete mathematics

Provide the veracity of the original statement

By a true contrapositive.

Thus, my God,

My dreamland friend, wish-keeper, and guide,

You are a woman,

Are you not?


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