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By: PatsyLynn

Page 1, Coming to terms with the death of a spouse



My Love is silent as the dawn.

My Love went to sleep and followed Jesus home.

All the gentle – sweet I love you gone – except the smell that wefts the calm.

But memories of the times we shared - are still as loud as trumpet’s blare.

Oh so many good times saved – in photo albums and video cases.

My Love still says I love you when I’m out doors.

In the breeze - and in the day’s sunshine.

It reminds me of our adored camping, fishing, and hiking trips.

I thank God every day for the time when shared.

We never had much money but we knew that would always be together.

As I write this - it all makes sense. It’s the same way with God.

We can’t physically see God – but we know he’s with us when we feel the

breeze, the sun, the rain, and smell the earth.

The love My Love and I have now is alike the love we’ll have in heaven.

As it is written – My Love shared in Jesus baptism, and suffering, and now

As promised – My Love will share in his resurrection.

So My Love is in everything I do, and everything I love so very, very true.


By Patricia Blair


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