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Branches Of Thy Vine.

By: Poetlife

Page 1, Vine, branches, God.

Branches Of Thy Vine.

(c)1986. By Poetlife.

Trim the branches

Old and used,


No further us

Lord I ask.

In their place

Let new ones sprout,

Filled with the goodness


Thy love.

From a shoot new and fresh,

Begin again to raise my head,

In the brightness


Thy light.

There is no other place for me ,

But to be attached to Thee.

You are the source


My all,

Divine vine

Strong. pure and tall.

I grow stronger each and every day

As in Thy loving care

I stay.

Contented , filled with love and peace,

With branches that grow on Thee

Like me, in perfect harmony.

Nothing can pluck me

From Thy vine


Oh! Lord,

I am


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