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Holy Flame.

By: Poetlife

Page 1, One of the poems/art-From my published book \"Lilies of the mind\".I feel see the Holy flame inside me sometimes. I believe we are all part of the one Holy flame that is within us-may we all ever search and we will find ,the power of the Lord within burnes brightly within us.He is the light within us/life forms. Prayer is I feel are roses going up to the Lord,answered prayer is it\'s perfume & petals coming back down to us. Blessings, Thanks for sharing.

Holy Flame.

(c0 1986.By Poetlife.

(One of the poems published in "Lilies Of The Mind".Along with some of my art.)


Holy Flame,

God Father,God Son, God Holy Spirit,

Decend within my soul,

Let the spark within

Burst into

Holy Flame.


My soul needs

Thy presence,

My search for peace

And love is ended.

All comes from Thee.


I will not again be misguided,

Fear and pain

Gone from me.

God's Holy Flame

Burns brightly

Within me.


My thoughts

In this holy instant,

God my divine Father,

I offer unto Thee.


Forever will my soul,

Be guided eternally

By Thee.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit,


I offer myself back to Thee,

In humble thankfullness,

I, my soul,

Holy Flame,

Burns within me.


I had wandered from Our Father,

I was lost,

His great Love

Returned to me.


Father, Father, how is great

Is Thy love.

There is none else

But love,

Which comes from Thee.

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