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Picture's Come Into View.

By: Poetlife

Page 1, Pictures, music, story, mind, view, self discovery, within, Heart, soul, God. light, love, colour, voices,etc;

Picture's Come Into View.

(c) 3/3/2013. By Poetlife.


Picture's come into view

Show a story,

Colour our thoughts

Fill our minds

True or false.


Take some on a journey


Self discovery.


Within it's scene

Music, voices, colour

Our days , ways,

We share with others

True or false.


Take what you will,


The scene.

Remember another's truth


Not of you.


Float, flow along in it's breath,


For a while.

Find your own truth



Where do you find it?

Divine within.

Is here to guide, teach

Show you



Ask, knock, search,

All will be revealed,

Go within.

You will feel, see

Truth of all Eternity.


Share with life, others

What you learn.

Go within


Is waiting to un-fold,

See the colours,

Hear the music, song

Watch the pictures

Come into view, un-fold.


Secrets will open up

Revealed to you.

Be still and know

I AM God.

Within each heart, mind, soul,

Come my children

Come to me

Hear my call,

One and all.




Thank you Lord,

We are still

And come.

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