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Soul Journey.

By: Poetlife

Page 1, Part of \'Lilies Of The Mind.(Self published in 1986-7.) Copy in the Helen Steiner Rice library in the USA.

Soul Journey.

(c) 1986. By Poetlife.


Soul journey starting back,

Holy breath of my beginning,

Father, Son, Holy Spirit,


Our Father,

Divine love, light unending.


Flame of Holy Spirit burning,

Crystal river of light cleansing,

Tree of life

Sappling growing,

Deep within the self unfolding.


Passing within the celestial tunnel,

Re-born, rebirthing, learning, cleansing, knowing,

Returning to the source,

Pure white light, deep within.


Layers of negativity, shedding , falling,

As deep within my self

I am travelling.


Vibrations of pure love enfold me,

Positive illumination,

My soul, knowing, loving, feeling.


Till perfection

At last I reach,

My soul rejoicing, bursting, filled with love.

I have come home,

At last,

To our Father's house.


Gently held within arms enfolding,

Truth, light of His pure love.

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