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Thoughts Of Beauty.(See surrounding you & me.)

By: Poetlife

Page 1, I was having one of those moments of regrets, of life past, of regrets, things I had done, things I haden\'t done, my thoughts were full of pain, regrets, I received this poem to share with you-it\'s truth-I will try and live, follow, hope you do too? We take so many gifts for granted don\'t we? Lord open our eyes, so we may see, our ears so we may hear,our hearts so we may understand, give, love to all around.


Thoughts Of Beauty.

(Surround us-gifts of love.)

(c) 30/4/2013. By Poetlife.


Let go of regrets,

Pain in the past.

Fill your mind,

With thoughts of beauty,love

Not regrets.


Events long gone,

Love, bless ,let them go

Into hands Divine.

Release all regrets.


They have flown away

Flowed away in rivers


Times, yesterday.




 All the beauty


Creations wonder,


Live in the present,

Not the past.



Be in the moment


Love and light,

Creations song

Listen hear

It's heart song.


Flowers open up


The sun and rain

Reveal centers

Release perfume.

Welcome bees, butterflys

Live in the now

In time and space.


Trust the

Creator of their race.


Birds, large, small

Give thanks giving

With their

Heart songs.


Listen you will hear

What they say


You and me.


Look at flowers

Petals, shapes, colours, perfumes

They release.


Wonder, ponder

All this creation in place

See the beauty


Creations face.



Oceans, waters

Full of active life

Each given a need to survive.

Flow ,swim through waters


Life, light.


Mountains, high

Filled with life.

Greens of trees, grass.

Gowns they wear

Colours ,hues, change ,display.


Sky of many colours,

Red, gold, blue.

White clouds

Sometimes grey,

Surround the day.

Moods ,colours to display.


Butterflys, bees, birds,

Float in the air.


Crisp, cold,

Each have a share.

Blowing, windy cold.


Rain falls from the sky

Heavy, light.

Fills rivers, creeks, oceans, streams,

Thirst quenches,

Fills needs

Flows as it grows.

Sometimes thunder storms,

Lightening flash around.

Balance of nature's dance.


Breath of winds

Blows, soft, hard, loud,

Life sways, dances

Bows down.

We see in life

Surrounding, hear

See the force.


Dirt, earth,

Different shades of browns,

Holds life together

Forms a bed

Life grows, walks, runs.


Stars and moon,

Light the dark velvet night,

Watch, wait

Share in life's delight.

Sing a song

All their own.

Listen, be still

You will hear them sing.


Thank you our Creator Lord,

All given with your love

From above, within,

Help us all to see,

Listen, hear, sing.

Forgive us when we scar

Beauty, with lack of love,

Light, respect.

Cruelty of minds,

Gone insane

You did not create.

May we see, hear, sing,

The beauty of your face

Make us all new,

Like spring.


(In all life, we need to over come challenges.

I had dark thoughts of regrets.

The Lord lifted me up and out,

 Released me from  darkness of  self afflicated prison

 Pain. addictions.

Into His love, light, power,

 Arms -I came.

Thank you Lord

Help us all to -make you our claim.

Stay safe in your arms,

Here and into Eternity.

May all try the same.




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