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thank God for you

By: princess onika auguste

Page 1, poem dedicated to someone who has been with me through the good and bad times no matter what. her name is tricia and she's been like a mother to me and stuck by me when no one else would and everyone say to to leave me

i thank God for you
because you are to me
what the sun is to the world
a bright light shinning over
i thank Jesus for bringing you in my
because you helped turn my night into day
just like the moon disappering for the sun to take over
i thank the Holy Spirt for you
because before i met you
i was like a rushing hurricane wind
but now i'm like a cool breeze(well not exactly ha!ha!)
i thank God the father for sending you to me( or me to you)
because had no sense of direction
i was like a tornado whirling all over the place
and i was like a compass gone wrong
but now i'm as serene as the peaceful air
and now i'm am going north instead south, east and west
i thank God the son for you
because you love me and invest time in me when no one else
would(boy, you must be regretting it everyday)
i thank God the Holy Ghost for you because before
i was like an active volcano ready to explode
now the volcano in me is extinct(ok i went too far now maybe
i thank God the father, the son. the holy spirit for you
because biologically you are not my mother
but look out for me, and watch out for me
like any mother would
and now i'm sometimes as calm as the rivers on a normal day
and maybe as peaceful as the ocean
i thank Jesus for you because
i' don't know where i'll be if he hadn't sent  you to me
or me to you
and i thank the father up above
because you  contuine to love
even when i give you reasons to stop loving me

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