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Musings of a tyke...

By: Spyguy

Page 1, What did your parents teach you? What legasy did they leave in your mind? Here\'s one thing that mine taught me...

Parent's perspective?

A little boy, a little girl, little toy car, or pretty curl;

"Don't think you're ready? Just give it a whirl."

What have I learned from my parent's so dear?

What have they taught me from being so near?

One thing for sure that I'll never outlive...

Is when Mother taught me always to give.

Assigned a talk at the young age of three;

One that has left an impression on me:


"I had a little smile, and I gave it away, to make someone else happy, you see?

But, what do you know, at the end of the day? That smile came right back to me."




She had me memorize every last line...

Told me it would be a very good sign

Said it would help me all through my life.

reduce by struggles, lessen my strife...

You know, looking back, I agree with her now.

Everyone smiles if you just show them how.

So, thanks alot Mama, & you Papa too;

I'll try to teach all this message so true...



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