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We'll Never Remember / The Last Goodbye

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Written 07/28/1989

I sure have loved the time I've spent with you

You tell me that you feel the same way too

Now we have to part, for where we do not know

This may be the last time we see each other when we go

Goodbyes are so hard to say

The words are there but it's just finding the way

Can you feel them as I do, by the tears that we cry

Knowing that it's so hard to say goodbye

It seemed like yesterday when we first met

Why should tomorrow even be here yet

Time has a way of passing by when having fun

And our day is nearly over, see the setting of the sun

One of these mornings we shall meet at the gate

If your there before me, I hope you stop to wait

We can share heaven together with Christ Jesus at our side

And we'll never remember when we ever said goodbye

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