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Field of Obstacles

By: Tarr

Page 1, So many obstacles to reach my goal, but our Lord is there for us.

I'm looking into a field, that goes miles and miles,

I need to reach the far end, so it might take me awhile,

There are obstacles in this field, that I must overcome,

The struggles of many, defeated the hearts of some,

So I will keep pushing until the very end,

But then I come across a good, loving friend,

They couldn't go on and they needed some help,

I couldn't just leave him, for he had a deathly, loud yelp,

So I picked him up and continued to fight on,

But it wasn't too long, before my friend was gone,

His loss was saddening, but I could dare not grieve,

So I just had to move on, I had to leave,

As I continued on my path, the challenges grew harder,

I had reached a standstill, I could not go farther,

So I sat and prayed, for I needed some assistance,

It wasn't too long, before I heard a noise in the distance,

It was my good, loving friend, he had returned,

Somehow he knew what I yearned,

So I continued to walk towards him,

As I got closer, the light grew dim,

The man I had tried to help, was the Lord,

He had finally returned, and with a reward,

Along with him followed all my closest friends,

They all picked me up, and carried me to the end,

I had completed my tasks,

Everything that had happened was now my past.

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