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Curse of the Man of Greed

By: Vizeon

Page 1, About something you believe in and feel that your voice needs to share it but yet you humbly stay quiet.

I, the high Prince of the Ritual 
Shall share thy tale of the man of greed 
Who was believed, to the ancient ones, 
To be the despicable deity that ruled over each 
Before the dawn of time. 
Further have they believed that such worship 
Was of such of a foul assembly, 
Immersing the world into war after war, 
Where, alas, the perverted man’s mind lead 
To the very verge of extinction. 
See here, that we are the magicians of nature 
In the sense that we have as the symbol of peace, 
Lucifer, he who was cast out 
By the bloodthirsty, personified being. 
What you see is the intelligent people 
Fairly comfortable with the concept of Christianity, 
Though unfortunately for each, 
They suspected something wasn’t quite right. 
They believed they didn’t give the whole answer, 
Let alone the entire truth. 
The man of mixed morals 
Insisted he came to save one part of a group 
But no one else. 
He, who brought not peace but a sword 
Thought he would turn members against each other, 
But we are reserved to love thine enemies, 
The saying he made such thy mockery of. 
Thus thy ancients had cast the book to flames 
For their chance to be in the peace 
To admire the plants made by the finest magick 
That surrounds thee 
Without ever having to be held back 
By the man of greed who threatened 
To close us down to eternity in flames 
If we dare disagreed with his point of view.

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