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The Haunted Attraction

By: Vizeon

Page 1, Wrote this on Samhain, a Pagan/Wiccan celebration on October 31. The night where we witches honor all ancestors who died and enter a Wiccan\'s new year.


Open the door, and enter the Otherworld,

To a home where souls and fairies come to unwind.

Samhain has arrived, and out they go,

To revisit where their originality had once been

To loosen up with a little feast.

Hence marks the end of the harvest season,

And beginning the darker half of the year.

Light the flames; let the party begin.

Divination games are yet to complete.

The modern imagery of the wicked holiday,

The work of the Gothic arts,

Set the higher determination

Of better entertainment

Of an incredible thrill.

Oh the worship of All Hollow’s Eve,

The theme of death, evil, and the occult,

And the astounding creation of mythical monsters,

Let it cross its bridge to a mighty land of darkness.

In my circle I pray for darkness,

To the Dark Mother and Father,

For the cauldron is the well of death and reborn,

And the sword protects every surrounding.

In this sacred celebration

We are in well flawless power.

The spirits walk amongst all,

Friendly, and some harmful.

On the doorstep sits what they desired,

And allayed they were feeling.

And all the living are camouflaged

From what sneaks behind them.

Light the candle, open up, and tread the path,

For tonight we are joined again

In the New Year wherein life is death

And death is life.

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