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A Vision!

By: willow brook

Page 1, A child who saw the future of people who didn\'t care and a way to change it!

Twas a child that people turned to
twas a child, tall, slim and fair
Twas a child that saw the future
of a world that didn't care.

In a vision she did see this
in a vision bright and clear
In a teardrop formed by spirit
in a vision without fear.

Then she saw the way to change it
like the brightness of the sunshine
Like the clearest of all rivers
like the branches of the pine.

So the message she did tell them
to the people gathered round her
To those that spread the vision
over ripples in the water.

Over mountains and the bridges
over rivers and the seas
Over city's and the farmlands
over countries and the trees

Then the message it went further
without words in all directions
Like the whispers in the willows
like the greatest of inventions

The message it did manifest
in every shape and form
In every rock and cranny
in the grasses and the corn

Then the people started caring
became united with the sunshine
Became united with the rivers
became united with the pine.-Written By Robyn Brown

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