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Once Upon A Day Dream

By: willow brook

Page 1, we all have day dreams as children, and it is so sad to see them squashed by those in high authoritative positions.

Once upon a day dream, when time stood still
ran two little girls up a very steep hill
laughing and playing, all the way to the top
never wanting this day dream to ever stop

smack went the ruler across a little girls hand
she was rudely awoken from her day/dream land
by a teacher who taught regulated rules
for the next generation to be used as tools

resentments grew inwards to the inner hue
it grew so fast that she didn't know what to do
and just like a tree that has been ring barked
she died inside and was socially  marked

consumed by the future, owned by the past
the girl became a victim of what had been cast
transformed beings from lessons learned
tangled tails from what was turned

then came the day when the little girl grew
she came face to face with the girl she once knew
she wanted to play, but didn't know how
she was stuck in a patten not belonging to 'the now'.
-Written By Robyn Brown

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