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The Adventures of Random Man

By: Random45

Page 1, hi this is random man to get a summary read the passage.

and then there was a sudden explosion, creating life as we know it. trees, plants, minerals, people, animals all emerged from this massive explosion forming theuniverse and our humble planet which is now in chaos, people being killed, run down in cars, killed and run down in cars. people have created newe languages and words like elestupendiousrabbitjaykeisgaytwentythousand. in the year 19999999999 i died and stopped writing this stupid passage about random bullshit that never really happened cause we are all dreaming and none of this is real, but it is because i remember everything that i have done except if they have already happened previous to me writing this stupid piece of shit. Only the dragon emperor can stop me from destroying this planet and all of it's inhabitants plus donkey kong defeated king kong in the battle of the ages nearly 40,000,000,000 years ago towards the trees of the amazon and the karate kid became the karate old guy and trained bob specials to lose the speed racer championship yesterday but tomorrow will never come because everytime it changes day's it becomes today and the sky eats elephants with pineapples who terrorise the general populous with angry ants that raped apples in the story of vietnam that actually became the knowledge if the gods and started to kill wednesday because it started a house leg and pushed someone over a folder of knives that didnt stab him but actually didnt fly to blonkers land that night and somebody caught jack the ripper with a fish net around the building of chance to arms of gangs

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