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The Adventures That Never Happened

By: Random45

Page 1, Read to find out the story.

And all of a sudden someone didn't fall out of the yellow, and the flower tried to death of igloos but when he didnt just then i survived but died, and the attack of games are good never have any chocolate in the grass down by the on trees on mount everest up in the down but sideways all together when you die you live but frogs land on the sky to eat fat men left the saloon after haaving a shower tomorrow but yelled next week at no one who was there and defeated the fact of gay is wrong and depicted images of mass destruction to the legs of clouds after the moon fell on the everything and nothing at the same time tuesday elevated the void of 10 feet elephants ruled over the foreshore and loved the kings of green is the colour of grass and never has ever killed the emperor of new zealand's prime minster of china that never existed but did all the things that always never happened at the movies i watched batman but didnt see batman on the roof of the tower of gotham when i stabed the general of the US army but travelled forward in time and killed Hitler with a sword of guns that had blue as grenades from the never ending story left the up on the down and established globalisation of a country and the happyness of legs walked to the beginning were the world was created by God but Halo 4 is a really good game and freedom is not avaliable to apples that have commited suicidle tendancies of the genuine level of antidisestablishmentarinism

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