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The Lady With The White Coffin .

By: A Passerby

Page 1, The mighty souls know from within that they are mundane pilgrims on this earth , and as life -cycle advances they recede to the death .They foster death in life .

The projected story is in progress , it would be soon published .

The girl did not see her father since her birth . She with her growing consciousness learnt that she is a prince’s daughter , but who the prince was a mystery . The mother avoided and remained reluctant to the embracing question . Her dim recognition of the earliest memories relate to the governess who cared and looked upon her as mother . In some special occasions she found her mother lustrously ephemerons with lordly gallants .She could only peep through the blinds of the door , and her visual live recorded the exchange of glass , close embraces , and loud and whispering voice amidst the smoky fumes of the room . Since her nursery days as she can recollect , her hostel room has shifted from school to college and college to university . Her mother has provided a luxuray living along with through and through means in dance ,music and acting .And every where , in every competition she has proved herself unrivaled .

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