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this is a childrens story that aduts can also enjoy.
I know I enjoy it cause it is a true story (just kidding) about me and my siblings before we were born :) :)

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one day up in Heaven, where younger spirits stay;

one called Pat, one called Bill, and one called Kate came out to play.

the one named Pat told Kate and Bill that St. Micheal had come to see him stating that if he so desired, it would be time for him to start getting ready for the earth plane and to begin searching for siblings.

"Will you guys be my brother and sister? Plesae say you will." kate said: "sure, I was just talking to St. Therese the other day about the earth and all of the possibilitys that it holds. I hope the higher ups think I'm ready." Bill said: "I don't believe it!" "not unless I see it. A spirit turn into a physical being? no way!" "But Billy" said Pat and Kate "they have no reasons to make up stories, that would be mean." so Billy agreed to go, if he saw them make it then he would follow.

Later on Bill ran into Margaret, one of his very best friends and told her about it. at first she laughed and laughed, then she agreed "ok Billy, if you make it then I'll go to." these two had always thought that the tales of the earth plane were made up for amusement purposes only.

later on they hooked back up with kate and pat who were so glad to see margaret and pleased that she would be thier sister. then pat told them that most probably thier would be six of them. "oh, mary and tom, mary and tom," they all screamed in joy. "Exactly what I was thinkin" said pat. they had always shared a special fondness for these two.

Now, lately mary and tom had been listening in on the stories told by the 'higher ups'. when ever they would come mary and tom would fly fast as they could to hear the tales of spirits going to the earth plane. so, you can imagine the excitement when pat, kate, bill and margaret asked them to be thier brother and sister.

Sometime later, they all got together with St. Micheal to go to a clearing in the clouds where they could peer through the veil to earth. this is where they would begin thier search for thier mother.

St. Micheal explained to the young ones that the erth is still in it's early stages and devistation still exists in many places. many lives are still very difficult but the experiences are necesary for many that have been unable to understand truth and love unconditionally. "so children if you wish we can postpone this for another hundred years or so" the young ones talked it over and decided that as long as they had each other, they could handle anything.

"alright then" said st. micheal "let's find yourselves a mom!"

as the young ones eyed the world over, suddenly all eyes were drawn to one exceptional young lady. "ooooooh!" they all exclaimed "that's her" they cried as little tugs pulled at thier little heart stings. little mary even shed a tear of love. this feeling was new and yet it felt as though it had always been thier. the young woman they found out, her name was Doris.

the next time they went, they would look for a father and pray that doris would like him too. until then, they were very quiet. they needed to digest the new and wondrous feeling they were having.

St. Micheal showed them a number of possibilities to choose from. among these young men were a mathematician, a science scholar, a teacher, a pianist, an animal lover and a history scholar. each young spirit wanted a different young man to be thier dad. then st. micheal told them to look with thier hearts, and feel with thier soul. Pat drew thier attention to one young man named Bob. he had been a little wayward growing up but he had talents that were not yet tapped into, which allowed for many possibilities. "And" said pat, "Guys, I think he needs us" "Ooh" said the rest "We think we know what you mean."

now they would have a chance to help thier chosen parents meet, but since all the young men were possibilities, they also had to try to stop thier mother from falling for one of them.

St. Therese would go with to the earth plane where they would have many challenges in matchmaking. It wasn't very easy trying to tell thier mother to go different ditections so she wouldn't accidently run into the wrong man. Of course Doris couldn't hear them but somehow the messages did get across. (transference of love)

Soon the big day would arive, they learned that both Doris and Bob would be at a company picnic. this would be thier greatest chance to play little cupids. They saw Bob and his friends at the fair grounds picnec area. they also saw other young men who would possibly be attracted to Doris, so when they finally saw her and her friends comming, each little spirit was whispering in thier ears"sit over there, sit over there" Finally, one of Doris's friends named Dorothy said: "Hy girls, let's sit over there" as she pointed to a spot close to where Bob and his friends were. "Alright!" said the spirits, but as soon as they were done cheering thier accomplishment, they spotted the pianist comming down the road. "OH, no" said margaret and mary. Quickly Tommy flew over carrying a gust of wind, "Stay away from my mom piano man!" amazingly, the young man changed directions and went another way. "Yea Tommy" they all cheered. and tommy thought wow, that was easy. then they all started flying around looking for any other distractions to Doris and Bob meeting each other. for the universe of God was drawing all opprortunities towards her. finally with all the other young men out of the way they could focus on bob and doris. "Well will ya look at that" kate said. they were already sneaking peaks at each other. they had already niticed each other and were being drawn like a magnet. but they were also a little shy so the young ones floated briskly over spilling vibrations of joy and happiness over both groups of young men and ladies. a few moments later one of the young men named Arnie said: "hey what do ya say we go over there and introduce ouselves" as they slowly swaggered over, a couple of the young women giggled. as they all got acquainted the young women asked if they would like to join them. Bob sat next to Doris and with a little encouragment, started up conversation. undoubtedly the young ones work was done.

the young spirite would check in occasionally to make sure things were moving smoothly. they were proud and happy of thier choice and participation in getting thier parents together. soon bob and doris would wed and pat would be the first one born in the earth. they were all both scared and excited.

finally the time came for pat to be born. they all cried, "we'll miss you Pat" he could see they were all scared and he said to them: "Guys, this is only a short time compared to 'FOREVER' promise me you won't back out or I'll be scared too." "we won't" they all said with the sniffles. then St. Micheal took Pat and floated down with him. the manifestation of his soul into a small seed inside Doris's belly was quick.

when pat was born, the others all wathed in awe. now and then they would peek in on pat. "He's so small" they would say. once when they were wathcing, Pat had started to cry. not getting tended to right away, he started to scream. soon he started to turn red as he held his breath. "wha, what's he doing?" said kate and bill. "What's wrong with him!" said margaret and mary. "Look out, he's going to POP!" said tommy as he flew away fast as he could. St. Therese tried to console them all, and after this they didn't care to watch anymore.

they did go with kate and then with bill when it was thier turns to be born. thier fears had subsided some, but when it was margarets turn, the vibrations were quite rough getting use to so there was a little trouble with her birth. St Therese explained: sometimes it is very difficult for the spirit to get use to the earths vibrations. though mary and tom didn't understand and were very concered for thier mom and margaret. everything turned out ok but tommy was begining to change his mind about going. knowing that tommy wasn't quite ready, mary insisted that she go next. the 'higher ups' stayed with tom getting him confident enough to go when it was time, though he missed mary and the rest so much he would have gone anyway.

this is why the paulson family goes: boy, girl, bor, girl and then, girl, boy. it is a good thing that katie remembered all this or they never would have known. (smile) :) :) :)



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