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Come on over and read this answer to my challenge. My testimony!!

Short story By: crzyanglcassie14
Religion and spirituality

So this is my testimony. Something that is very personal for me to post, but something I would like to post all the same. I would love comments. This is for any readers. I would greatly appreciate if you read and commented!! Take care and God Bless everyone!!

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God is my savior, but it wasn't something that just happened like that. At a snap of a finger. It was a big deal. When I was young my sister and I went to church with our cousins. My parents have never gone to church. We both asked God into our hearts, but we didn't really understand it. I know that my sister is in heaven right now, but I needed to renew what I did when I was too young to understand. I knew the gist, that God had died on the cross for our sins, and everything, but that was about it. Well, as my sister got sicker and sicker, it became almost impossible to go to church, so we had to leave the church. If you don't know about my sister she had a disease called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. A deadly tumor and rare also. She relapsed three times. Relapsed meaning the tumor came back. Well, my sister passed away almost two years ago. May 4th will be the two year anniversary. I didn't start going to church again until the middle of last summer. Well, I go to a church named Anthony Baptist. I started going with my friend. Well, lets take a step back for a minute. Before my sister passed away, my parents would drink like once every two weeks or so. They just said with all the stress that they were just going to have some fun. Personally I have been through almost everything you could think of. Physical abuse, emotional, and verbal. I still have the same parents but things are ok now. Child services did come one time, but I'm not getting into that, as it is not one of my fond memories. We'll just skip to my parents weren't happy and my person left and he broke the law, and he agreed with my parents that I just wanted attention, or that I was mad at them, and that is why I talked to my counselor for months about what was happening. I don't know, I think child services has gone down hill, and is continuing to do so. We can only pray for this. After my sister passed away they would go out a couple times a week. It just progressively got worse from there. They do not have a temper or anything, but I think this is how they get their problems away. My parents are mad at God, and do not share my religion. Ok, back to me going to church now. I got very, very interested in church, and I paid a lot of attention. My friends mom was told that a person said that I showed much enthusiasm and paid very well attention to my pastors messages. I am not trying to brag. About a month or two after going to church I talked to my pastor about being saved. After one of his messages in Sunday school about being saved. He asked his wife to talk to me, and that is when I was saved. I still go to church as much as possible. I would like to go to Wednesday services too, but my friends do not go that night, and my parents refuse to take me. I'm currently working on that. It is very difficult for me, to see that I might not see my parents in heaven. I have been trying very, very hard to get them to just go to church one time, but they refuse. I will always wish that they are saved, because it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Once you are saved, you have this most wonderful connection with God. A renewed love for him that will never ever die. It would be selfish for us not to want other people to feel this same love. Just as it is selfish for us to not show our religion. Well, I have tried my best to keep these promises. The promises include, not being selfish to other people, always praying, praying for my food even though my parents do not, praising God for every little blessing that he gives me, and many more promises. Too many to count. I think this about sums up my testimony. At least I hope so. The advice I have for you, is to never let ANYONE hold you back from your religion. Find any possible way to go to church, even if that is walking. If it is impossible, have your own little church session where you read your bible and try to make your own messages from what you have read. Interpret every chapter that you read so that you will understand, and if you would have any questions, you should ask anyone that you know has the same religion as you, and that you know should be able to answer the question, or find out the answer for you. Never be ashamed of your religion. Pray in a huge restaurant. Walk around saying Bless the Lord for the sun, rain, or thunder. Bless the Lord for everything. Share your religion and testimony with others! Do not be selfish. We are God's children for a religion. He would like to use us to get Himself to others. We need to show people Him. If you are not saved, I would recommend trying out a church. You never know, you may enjoy it, and find the messages very endearing. There's so much to learn, and so much that will help you live your life better in the Holy Bible. All you have to do is take it. After you understand, and know what you want. I would recommend talking to your pastor about being saved. He can talk to you and explain to you what happens, and the whole thing about it. Take care everyone, and I hope you found my testimony a help to you! GOD BLESS TO YOU ALL!!

~Seriously if you have any questions, disagreements, agreements, and anything else feel FREE to ask!! I'll answer anything you have the best I can, and if I do not have an answer, I will find out for you. Please take my words to your heart. If you won't listen to this for me, listen to this for your friends, family, God, and everyone else. We all want you all to join us in heaven. Once again God Bless and I would absolutely love comments everyone!! Feel free to share any opinion you may have. I may not agree but I won't hold it against you in any way. This is to help you, not to upset you, or turn you against me! Take care!!~


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